REVIEW: Jabra revolutionizes Mobile communication

{ disclosure : sponsored media luncheon with gift bag }

The tech loving side of me was so excited to be invited to check out Jabra’s newest wireless products.  I was oooh-ing and ahh-ing straight from the get go.  Setting aside the technology behind the products, they are little individual pieces of art.  Even the packaging was as sleek as the product.

I immediately fell in love with the Jabra STONE without even knowing what it was or what it did.  It was just adorably cute and compact.  What I learned had me convinced this little gadget wasn’t going to be leaving my side any time soon.  The STONE is a wireless blue-tooth ear piece that wraps behind the ear.  Built with state of the art noise cancellation technology, it ensures that each call is clean and noise free.  The ear piece sits in the stone which is a portable charger on its own.  Plugged in, the ear piece and charger are both charged completely.  Simply slip the STONE on your belt or pocket and you’re all set.  After using the ear piece you can return it to the portable charger where it will charge it up.  What I loved was the simplicity of pairing the product.  If you’ve ever sync-ed blue-tooth enabled devices, you know it’s almost a mini mission with activation codes and such.  A few clicks and I was blue-tooth enabled.  A fabulous double feature is that is also acts as a headset.  From my iPhone I can listen to music through the ear piece.  All I could think was – Pretty Darn NEAT-O!  If I can continue on with more amazing features… I’m a MAC girl and for those of you that are familiar with the touch feature on their wireless magic mouse, the volume adjustment on the STONE operates similarly.  To increase the volume, simply swipe your finger upwards along the side of the earpiece and to decrease the volume, swipe downwards.  Ending a call is as simple as pressing gently on the piece as well.  It currently comes in black and a white version will be available exclusively at AT&T stores beginning June 6th.  My only caveat so far is that the wrap around doesn’t sit snugly in my tiny ear.  It seemed to fit everyone else just fine, just not me.  It stays for the most part if I don’t run or bounce around.  I’ve been walking around the house with it all day and it has remained put while I did chores around the house and has actually quite a reach.  I left the phone in the nursery and was able to continue the call in my basement laundry room – amazing!

For those that require the most powerful noise cancellation technology to date, the Jabra EXTREME is the one for you.  I’ve seen the older models of this version, a favorite of the business set.  The volume is smartly adjusted requiring no button pressing.  It is designed with the Ultimate-Fit Eargel which actually fit my smaller ear much better.

We were also taken through all the other blue-tooth possibilities such as VoIP (Voice Internet Phone) using programs such as Skype and a blue-tooth enabled computer.  With the new legislation on hands-free talking, their Jabra CRUISER fits the bill.  It boasts the latest in blue-tooth technology – not the outdated one many cars have built in I learned with the added benefit of noise cancellation and voice quality enhancement.

Just when we thought we knew it all about blue-tooth… they’ve got apps?!  The one that got my attention, as well as every other parent and blogger was Vlingo.  You can use your voice to send, reply and forward text and email messages as an app you download to your phone.  They currently support BlackBerry, Droid, iPhone and Windows Mobile enabled phones.  You can even update your Facebook and Twitter status, dial the phone, search the web, send a note to yourself and add calendar or contact entries.  WOW!  Another feature includes the ability to have your incoming emails and text read to you through your Jabra blue-tooth headset.  Oh the endless possibilities to help a busy mom out!

At the end of our luncheon we were surprised with an impromptu presentation of their new HALO headset.  I immediately knew this was going to be my husband’s favorite product.  A fold-able wireless headset that connects to his phone for calls and music – he is in love.  He previously had huge noise cancellation headphones that he would wear on his commute to work.  He now gets all that in a smaller more portable, sleeker and compact headset, not to mention minus the wire fuss.  I even suggested to him that this could be his solution for his jogs on the treadmill.  His wired headset was the bane of his existence, always getting tangled and swishing about while he ran.  Say good-bye to the swishing!  Hello Jabra LOVE!

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