REVIEW: Joovy Cocoon X2, I’ve Found My Jogging Stroller!!

photoAfter giving birth to my second child I found that going jogging was a great way for me to lose the baby weight, feel good, and keep up with two young children. The problem that I ran into (no pun intended) was trying to jog with two kids in tow. Unwilling to part with my new found form of exercise, I decided that I needed to incorporate my kids into the fun. So began the quest for the perfect double jogging stroller.
There are a few options to choose from and the task of finding a stroller that has everything you want can be very daunting. Upon doing my research, I discovered that there are many options for single-seat jogging strollers but that not many (practical) double jogging strollers exist. It is also not so easy to find a two-seated jogging stroller that meets a reasonable price point and has excellent safety ratings, not to mention added bonus features.

Enter the Joovy Cocoon X2. This stroller is everything we have been looking for in a double stroller and more!

photo 1The Cocoon X2, by Joovy, has the capability to function as a double stroller, a bike trailer AND a double jogger!  (They do have a single jogger option in the Joovy Cocoon) We love multi-functional gear! It is practical, easy to assemble, and has enough storage for the whole family (adults included). This stroller is sleek, modern looking and has some great features such as a mesh cover to protect my kids from bug bites or debris on our runs or a plastic cover that will prevent them from unfavorable conditions such as a drizzle while maintaining excellent ventilation throughout.

The Joovy Cocoon X2 has large “windows” for the kids to be able to have a full view of the moving world around them. It has little pockets on the inside for my son to keep his toy cars that he brings everywhere as well as snacks for his little brother. It also has standard, five-point harnesses for the kids who at 10 months and 3 years old, can remain safely strapped in while sitting comfortably in their cushioned seats. There is a massive zip-up storage compartment in the back – which is hard to come by on most strollers, and you can purchase the parent organizer which has a fully functional double cup holder for parents by the handle bars.

The wheels are easily interchangeable so that you can switch from a standard double stroller to a jogging stroller, with the additional purchase of a jogging wheel, in a matter of seconds.  You may be wondering why a separate Jogging Wheel needs to be purchased, but the Jogging Wheel locks into a single position for more stability when you’re at a full run.  I am also very eager to try the bike attachment, which also can be purchased separately, with both kids come next spring. The ride in the Joovy Cocoon X2 is a smooth one, and while the seats do not recline, I still manage to lull my boys to sleep every now and again when we all go jogging together.  The only thing I would changes is having the jogging wheel as a swivel that can be locked into a stationary position, making the Joovy Cocoon X2 much more versatile.

Overall, this is a very useful, fun, safe and versatile stroller which allows an active family to stay active together. I see us being able to utilize this fantastic stroller for many more years to come!

{ disclosure:  Upon our request, we received a sample of the Joovy Cocoon X2 for review.  No other compensation was received.  Continue to follow our health initiatives with #Fit2BMe. As always all opinions expressed here are my very own. }