Hyundai Hope on Wheels Fights the Good Fight to End Childhood Cancer

{disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Hyundai Hope on Wheels. As always, Partnerships with like-minded brands are key and this is a no-brainer, all opinions expressed here are our very own! }

I was incredibly blessed to be a guest of Hyundai at their annual Hyundai Hope on Wheels Launch Ceremony at the New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center. Hyundai Hope on Wheels is celebrating 20 Years (!!!) in saving lives and creating hope through their commitment to end pediatric cancer through the millions of dollars they have donated to pediatric cancer research.

I just recently passed my boards and am now a Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (YAY!) I have seen so many of these kids in my hospital, diagnosed with cancer, a full life ahead of them, with wishes and dreams to fulfill and now an uncertain future. This cause is near and dear to my heart and to my patients. Lives are changed daily by the advances that are made through pediatric cancer research but there is still a long road ahead to ending pediatric cancer.

I was absolutely blown away by Hyundai’s ongoing commitment to ending pediatric cancer. From the dream of one Boston, Massachusetts Hyundai dealer giving a portion of each sale to Hope on Wheels, spreading regionally then nationally, until they encompassed every Hyundai dealers across the United States

Their annual launch ceremony brought out the stars like Soledad O’Brien, Broadway’s Betsy Wolfe, Alton Fitzgerald White and an amazing performance by the Broadway Youth Ensemble. BUT they didn’t need all that. Sitting and hearing the personal stories of Elizabeth and Carter, this year’s National Youth Ambassadors, it doesn’t take much for the tears to flow and understand what a powerful gift and commitment Hyundai is making to end this horrific diagnosis for children.

Celebrating their 20th year, they are going BIG and donating to 53 new institutions, giving over $15 million in grants, making their total donation at over $145 million. Grant winners are chosen by a peer-reviewed and competitive selection process that includes five HHOW grant categories: Impact Grant ($100,000), Young Investigator Grant ($200,000), Hyundai Scholar Hope Grant ($300,000), Hyundai Quantum Grant ($1 million) and the new Quantum Collaboration Grant ($2.5 million). Applications are graded by a panel of scientific reviewers,
for their innovation and potential to increase discovery.

Not only is Hyundai committed to eradicating pediatric cancer, they also are invested in helping kids get through their intensive treatments like their Infusionarium and making sure they get to live fulfilling lives through initiatives like Dr. Poplack’s Project Passport, a 2018 Grant winner, that help patient after they’ve gone into remission.

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