How Refreshing!

I’ve got a couple rooms in our house that still needs to be painted. I’m sure you’re thinking, haven’t you been renovating your home for a couple years now?! Yep, that’s us… after the crazy rush to get our home in some sort of shape for Ava’s 1st Birthday (last year), we were so pooped when it was over, we lost the motivation to continue. Everything has been frozen in motion. If we won Dutch Boy’s My House Stinks Contest and got that $5000 and the 50 gallons of their Revolutionary New Refresh line of paints, I’m sure we could be motivated – hahaha!

All kidding aside, I get tons of emails from companies asking me to talk about their “GREEN” products on my blog and twit about it too. Most of the time I can sniff out the greenwashers and off they go to the trash can icon, and sometimes, like this time, they catch my attention. I always regretted not being more “GREEN” aware when we first started renovating our home and realize now that we took some unnecessary risks in not doing so. I remember during my last few weeks of pregnancy with Ava how much I craved to be in our “NEW” house so I could start nesting. How fast I packed when my nephew got a random cold and “forced” me to move into my unfinished home where plastic tarps blocked construction dust from the living areas. I remember being giddy with glee as my DH and FIL painted the nursery. Nothing unusual, I was such a nosey curious little bunny, with mask over face, constantly peeking in to check on the progress, careful not to inhale any fumes. I remember reading about low VOC paints after the fact and wishing that I had known earlier.
As we’re anxiously preparing for the possibility of another baby, I vowed to be more “greener” and more prepared this time around. As I read more about Dutch Boy’s Refresh Line of paint, I was impressed by how far they went to really be greener. Refresh is Greenguard and GreenCert certified, which I believe, if you’re seeking LEED points for your project, would qualify. It has a VOC rating of (0) – ZERO! What is VOC? Volatile Organic Compounds are vapors that are released from paints that are thought to contribute to smog and breakdown of the ozone layer, not to mention causes some respiratory irritation. With all the buzz around formaldehyde, I was thrilled to see this paint line was formulated without the use of formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors, alkylphenol ethoxylates and crystalline silica. Aside from the new formulation and lack of pungent lingering smell thanks to their Arm & Hammer Odor Eliminating Technology, you’d never know anything different about this line of paint as it’s available in Satin, Egg Shell and Flat Enamel for all your painting needs.
If you’ve got a stinky room too, check out their contest at for a chance to win a GRAND PRIZE of 50 Gallons of Refresh Paint &$5000 to decorate. Even if you don’t have the stinkiest room, you can be one of 4 winners each month for 6 months and received 4 gallons of Refresh Paint just for voting on the rooms posted. How about voting for mine?!