GIVEAWAY: Heating Things Up with Honeywell!

Brrrr it’s COLD outside! Winter’s chilly temperatures and icy winds are blanketing the entire country this week. As people turn to their thermostats, some Gender Wars may ensue! Who keeps the house warmer? Who controls the thermostat?  How do you keep warm when your spouse won’t turn up the thermostat?  When I was growing up I was always cold.  My parents never wanted to turn up the heat due to costs and we were often told to layer up.  I still remember the chill.  I’m lucky my husband is a little more accommodating, but when the heating bill comes, we always wind up struggling over a degree or two.




Want to add your two cents? Check out Honeywell on Facebook for more information on keeping a comfortable home this winter.  Honeywell has a full line of energy saving portable heaters like the new Energy Smart Surround Ceramic Heater HZ-435 that you can purchase and heat only the areas you need heated.  The new 360° Surround Heater is a versatile, energy efficient ceramic heater. Equipped with an energy savings thermostat that gives you just the right amount of heat by regulating the wattage consumption based on your desired temperature, the EnergySmart® 360° Surround can save consumers money without sacrificing comfort.  It doesn’t overheat and has a 360° tip over protection in place as well.

HZ-435GIVEAWAY: End the debate! (1) lucky family will win their very own Honeywell Energy Smart Surround Ceramic Heater HZ-435.  You MUST visit fill out this FORM to be entered.  For an additional (3) entries – 1st Option – If you follow me on twitter @momconfessional and re-tweet this giveaway (I just entered @momconfessional’s @Honeywell Heater #Giveaway and you should too! – 2nd Option – If you “like” us on Facebook and share the giveaway with your friends.  – 3rd optionsubscribe to Mom Confessionals.  DON’T FORGET to fill out this FORM. Giveaway only open to those with U.S. addresses and must be 18 years or older. Giveaway ends on February 15th 2013 at 11:59 EST.  The winners will be selected randomly by and notified by e-mail.

{ disclosure:  People are cold and Honeywell is generously providing a Honeywell Energy Smart Surround Ceramic Heater HZ-435 to warm up one cold family and nothing else. We think that’s pretty cool (no pun intended!) }