Honest-ly Good for You!

Recently I was invited to the launch party for Honest Company hosted by MomTrends and got a chance to meet the fabulously gorgeous Jessica Alba, one of the founders of this revolutionary company.  We listened to hear tell the story of her early days as a new parent and it echoed my very own experience.  I became a parent during the early uproar over BPA in bottles and remember the ignited fear within.   I began countless hours of research and at every turn I was more and more horrified.  Not just at the chemicals in everyday products we used but also at the high costs for products that were safer.  “I’ve spent way too many hours researching products and driving around trying to find safer, eco-friendly options for my kids,” exclaimed Jessica Alba, President and founder. “I knew that most people didn’t have that kind of time, nor the means to pay the premium prices. We had to make it easier.”  She teamed up with Christopher Gavigan, former Healthy Child Healthy World CEO; Brian Lee, ShoeDazzle.com founder; and Sean Kane, PriceGrabber.com executive, to launch The Honest Company, an eco-friendly line of family essentials offered through a monthly subscription service at Honest.com.  That’s a pretty amazing team for sure!  Healthy Child Healthy World was my go-to site for the most reliable information and still is.  Meeting Christopher Gavigan was inspiring.  He admits to being asked for product recommendations all the time but it took a LOT of nudging from Jessica Alba to give birth to The Honest Company.  We’re glad he came on board.

Created for parents by parents, The Honest Company founders say they are committed to making safe, sustainable products more convenient, beautiful, and affordable.  While one might be skeptical about signing up for a monthly subscription service, I can barely commit to a magazine subscription, I was pleasantly surprised at the flexibility.  The products are curated into personalized bundles that are automatically shipped every month, and parents can try a FREE Discovery Kit, that includes a sample pack of diapers and wipes, or trial-sized versions of the bath, skin and cleaning products.   If you like the discovery kit, you can continue to receive a customizable kit of FULL size products monthly.  It’s an easy process, and members at Honest.com can purchase a monthly supply of non-toxic stylish diapers competitively priced at less than $20 a week, and can also choose a monthly supply of the body care and home cleaning essentials for under $9 a week.  When it’s put in those numbers, it makes a lot of sense.

I really can embrace the Honest Family Essentials Bundle model where I can select 5 out of 14 currently available products every month.  My needs are always constantly changing, not to mention being a little commitment phobic, having the flexibility to choose the products I need for the next month is awesome!  While I am just transitioning my littlest one out of diapers, I have to say the Honest Diaper Bundle is so gorgeous I even contemplated waiting a bit longer on potty training.  Completely natural & non-toxic – made from chlorine-free, bio-based absorbent, and plant-based materials, these diapers are not only stylish, but also ultra absorbent with a premium fit.

As one of the founders of Trumpeting Media, we love brands that have a charitable arm, doing some Social Good.  I was thrilled to hear that a portion of every dollar Honest Company earns goes to their non-profit partner Baby2Baby. This worthy nonprofit supplies local families in need with essential baby gear and clothing for children up to age four.  We love it!

In these days where BUSY doesn’t even begin to describe a parent’s typical day, convenience and value speaks to us.  We welcome The Honest Company to make every parent’s life a little more manageable.