Holiday Gift Guide: For the Boys

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Hard to believe Christmas is only 4 weeks away! Where did time go? It’s been a little crazy here on the East Coast and many of us are completely caught off guard by how close this wonderful holiday is. While many may feel like there isn’t much to celebrate this year, I disagree. There’s always time for Christmas, a holiday that just always brings a smile to everyone’s faces. So here are my top picks for that special little man in your life.

The Zooma! Splat X line is one of my favorite toys for the boys this holiday season.  Try as you may, boys will be boys and they love things that propel and shoot.  We love the Zooma! because its great for boys of all ages.  Everyone in the family can get in this safe family fun.  Kids can choose their choice of launchers – the Sly-Shot, Fling Shotz or Smack-Shot and launch the included fun sticky shotz or aero shotz.  Soft, fun and plyable, I have no worries when they decided to take aim with each other every once in a while.  Ranging from $5 – $25, this is a great stocking stuffer with a lot of bang for the buck.

The widely popular Skylander series just launched the Skylander Giants just in time for the holidays.  The Starter Pack was flying off the shelves this past black Friday.   Have you watched the trailer?  I have to say it tickled me pink.  I know a certain 8 year old who is going to love this!  Why does this mom love it?  The game is much more than a video game.  You can play online and even on the go.  Even better, it is fully compatible with the original Spyro’s Adventure.  I know many a households who have made hefty investments into this brand and are breathing a sigh of relief.

The Hexbug craze is here to stay.  On all my boys lists from the husband down to my little one, the Hexbug Warriors Battle Arena.  It comes complete with 2 battling robots, 2 expandable battle arena pieces and 3 standoffs to start you off with.  These little battling robots are more advanced than your typical Hexbug.  Equipped with Shock Sensors, once put in Match Mode the damage indicator light changes from green to yellow to red and blinks more rapidly as its health decreases, ensuring everyone knows clearly who has won the battle.  Warriors can then be reset after each battle for endless fun!  At $19.99 MSRP I think I can make a few men in my house happy.

Lego Basic Box with the Lego Book of Ideas. I haven’t met a little boy yet who doesn’t love Legos. From a creative background, they are one of my favorite gifts to give. Yes, there is all of the above wonderful gifts, but I love gifts that are simple and yet stimulate the imagination. My nephew loves Ninjago and of course the Star Wars Lego sets, but piggybacking on that love, I’m hoping he really digs a plain ol box of Legos and a book full of idea. It’s also one of my favorite gift to give year around. If your little man already has a box of plain ol legos, then the Lego Book of Ideas makes a good stocking stuffer, albeit a heavy one.

For the digital little man, I just adore Nuko Toys and their amazing Monsterology & Animal Planet Wildlands cards.  They are must have stocking stuffers this holiday season.  If you child loves Pokemon, this will floor them.  Download the FREE iPad & iPhone App, watch the characters literally spring to life on your iPad & iPhone with a tap of the card.  I’m still scratching my head on how it does that!  The card packs are priced from $1.99 to $14.99 for the complete set at Toys R Us and Apple stores across the US.  My little guy is just full of giggles when a new animal pops into his safari, while the 8 year old is chock full of new animal knowledge he loves to share with us.  While the Monsterology is a little much for the little guy, it’s perfect for the 8 year old and his wild imagination.

{ disclosure :  I received a sample of the Zooma! and Hexbug Warrior Arena at my request for review.   In lieu of my annual Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway, all products were donated to Hurricane Sandy families to bring them a little cheer this holiday season. }