Healthy Eating Made Simple #ProduceFor Kids

IMG_1371Chances are, you are like all parents and you want the best for your children. Like most parents, you may also find that it can be challenging to find the time or resources to always manage to provide nothing but the best. I know I sometimes struggle with even the simple things, while working full time and parenting full time. It has often been difficult for me to consistently maintain healthy food choices both for myself, and most importantly for my family. I have always been looking for a way to simplify my ability to prepare healthy food options for my kids, without breaking the bank or losing too much time doing so. That’s why I am very excited to share with you that I now have the privilege of working with one of the most amazing organizations to date. It is abundantly clear that they have the same goals in mind for today’s children and healthier living.
Produce for Kids (PFK) is an organization that provides tools and resources for busy parents looking to embrace a healthy lifestyle and incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into their families’ daily diets. PFK has makes things even easier for busy parents with their easy to navigate website ( which provides you with unique and simple recipes, more nutritional information and better ways to communicate with other parents who struggle with similar issues. As a matter of fact, Produce for Kids has recently revamped their website to make it fun and easy to explore, both for parents and kids. They have links to excellent resources for meal panning (The Healthy Hearty Beef Stew was a favorite in my house) , a “kids only” area with games and super heroes, and plenty more. Their site is useful for the whole family. What could be better than that?!?!

Some of the awesome new resources that their website will offer include:

– “New Ideal Meals” – a recipe section with easy to prepare recipes for every meal of the day including dessert! All dishes have been approved by the official Produce for Kids Dietician, Estelle Schnelle. There are over 120 complete meals, so your family will never get bored, and you will actually have time to make them!

– “Parents on Produce” – A blog where parents can go to find easy tips on how to make healthy eating a stress free fun lifestyle change for the whole family.

– “Produce Tips’”- Learn from the pros on how to pick the best produce and maximize the life of your fruits and veggies.

– The Latest News – Do you need to know which grocery stores participate in Produce for Kids campaigns? Are you interested in spreading the word? Check this section out for all the news updates as they come from Produce for Kids and Partnering Companies.

– Produce for Kids Forum – Interact with your peers about your healthy living secrets, or cooking tips. Stay for a chat, and learn from others.

IMG951589Produce for kids is not only a resource for healthy food choices, but it is an amazing resource for healthy family living overall. It has taught me thus far, how to incorporate healthier choices in both my meals as well as my children’s. You will find that you won’t have to hide fruits and veggies in your kid’s lunchboxes because they will actually WANT to eat the meals you prepare from the recipes you’ll find!
I cannot forget to mention that Produce for Kids gives back as well. The company is dedicated to not only educating families on healthy eating habits, but through its produce and grocery retail partners (too many to name them all) they have been able to donate more than $4.2 million dollars to children’s hospitals and charities worldwide.
Can’t wait to find out more? Well you’re in luck!

Produce for Kids is hosting a Twitter party to answer all of your questions. Produce for Kids will also be randomly selectiong forum participants to receive $25 gift card giveaways throughout the virtual launch!
#ProduceFor Kids Twitter party will be held this Tuesday, October 22nd at 9pm EST!

You can learn more about the site, and how to beat the daily struggle towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and much more!