Haute Yoghurt Koru – Dairy without the Bull

koruI don’t know what it is about me and dairy this pregnancy, but it’s a bit of a cruel joke.  I feel endless amounts of guilt about just how much I crave and indulge in dairy with this pregnancy.  Despite my son’s incredibly severe allergies to all things dairy, my husband has made a huge concession by letting me have yogurt in the house.  It was completely eliminated along with all the other allergens deemed harmful to my son after his slew of hospitalizations over the summer.  In light of my severe aversion to practically all foods and my inability to hold anything down for months, my husband had pity on me and allowed the one thing that seemed to be okay, creamy yogurt.   And what a selection I had to choose from.  I remember when the yogurt case only had to offer Dannon and Yoplait.  Now you can get greek yogurt and bavarian yogurt to kefir.  I’ve been having so much fun sampling every which kind of yogurt in my grocer’s fridge.

I was offered a chance to try Koru and with my recent obsession with yogurt, I was totally game.  You can get a little skeptical when people tell you it’s the planet’s best yoghurt or ridiculously tasty but let me tell you…. It is AHHHHHMAZING!  When I got my samples, the flavors right off the bat had me salivating.  Mango, Pomegranate + Cherry, Strawberry + Goji…. Passion Fruit!  This was already screaming gourmet in flavorings.  I immediately had to try the Passion Fruit, one of my favorite flavors period. It was pure heaven…. One of my favorite dishes at Churascaria Platforma, a brazilian steakhouse in NYC, is a dessert called Passion Fruit Mousse.  While the food, especially the meats are divine, I dream of their Passion Fruit Mousse.  I’ve tried many times to replicate the dessert to no avail.  Even tapping my Brazilian friend, we still couldn’t get the recipe down.  Koru Yoghurt’s Passion Fruit tasted identical to their famous Passion Fruit Mousse and it was sooooo creamy and smooth with just the right amount of cool, sweet and tart, not that disgusting overly sweetened American Yogurt.  I am obsessed.

Koru is popping up everywhere!  I have found them at Fairways and at my local Walbaum’s grocery store.  Someone must have caught onto the passion fruit because twice I’ve gone and they’ve been sold out of just that flavor — and so the quest continues…

{ disclaimer:  I was sent samples of  Koru Yoghurt and I don’t sell my soul for a few cups of Yoghurt.  At $1.49 try it for yourself and I bet you’ll be obsessed too. }