Happy Belly, Happy Family!

IMG_0705{ disclosure:  Already a “Happy Family” family, this is a sponsored post in which we received an assortment of Happy Family products to enjoy. }

When it comes time to introduce baby’s first foods, you want to give your child the very best.  Often parent’s look to organic as their baby’s first food.  But not all organic brands are created equal!

When the Little Mister was an infant, he struggled with everything from colic to gastro reflux.  He had everything from severe gas, to projectile vomiting.  He had a sensitive stomach to say the least.  My first introduction to the Happy Family brand of products came from many trial  of organic baby food brands.  In addition to being the only baby cereal on the market to have DHA & Choline for brain and eye development, Happy Bellies was the most gentle and smooth on his belly.  You could tell right away from the first time you mixed it, how it instantly blended to a smooth, non-gritty texture.  It reassured me right away that it would settle gently in my son’s delicate belly.  When ever a friend mentions their colicky baby or asks for recommendations on baby’s first foods, I ALWAYS recommend Happy Bellies. In fact, pictured here is my sweet little buddy Easton eating Happy Bellies Oatmeal which his mom says is: “…hands down the best cereal for my fussy baby.  And believe me when I says I’ve tried ALL of the organic brands!  He can’t get enough!”

When it was discovered the Little Mister had a severe dairy and nut allergy, it was a huge relief to know I could still count on the Happy Family brand of products and their Happy Creamies, a delicious, non-dairy snack that melts in Baby’s mouth. Made with organic fruits, veggies, and coconut (which is not a nut!) milk, this yummy snack was a great fun way to continue to get veggies into his belly.

happyfamilySince then I have trusted all my children’s bellies to their entire line of products.  Both Little Miss A and the Little Mister grew up on Happy Family products, everything from their delicious pouches — which I’ve been known to sneak a few as a rescue quick shot snack during a busy shift on the L&D floor — to their rice cakes and puffs.  What I love is that they pack their already nutritious line of foods with extra nutrition — like DHA, choline, pre and probiotics — to really get more from every bite.  The line continues to grow with my family and now includes Toddler meal bowls and smoothies.  They must have caught onto a trend of pouch loving adults as the line now includes Happy Squeeze with adult friendly ingredients like Salba® the SUPER chia, vitamins and minerals, and coconut milk.   I’m thrilled, with the arrival of baby #3 aka Cheeks, to see that the line continues to grow and will be there to feed yet another Chan Chunky Monkey!