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As parents we all know the dangers of SIDS and putting baby “back to sleep” but it wasn’t until I was a postpartum nurse that I learned about an important condition called hip dyplasia.  It is something we routinely screen for immediately after birth, but a condition that can develop also with improper swaddling techniques.  Hip Dysplasia affects thousands of babies a year. Left undetected, it can cause hip arthritis and is the cause of over 10% of hip replacements in the U.S.  That is why I feel it is important to share with you this information provided by Dr. Charles Price.

Pediatric Orthopedist Dr. Charles Price has been asked about hip dysplasia by many new parents and offers this information on the condition.  Dr. Charles Price is a Pediatric Orthopedist at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Director of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, which was founded by Larry the Cable Guy and his wife Cara after his son was successfully treated for the condition.

Q & A About Hip Dysplasia with Dr. Charles Price 

 Q: What is hip dysplasia and when does it occur?
A: Hip Dysplasia occurs when children are born with the hip out of the socket or when the bones of the hip joint are not aligned correctly.  This prevents the hip joint from functioning properly, thus causing the joint to wear out much faster.  When babies are checked for the condition at birth about 2-3 babies per 1000 will require treatment, making it the most common newborn condition.  Recently orthopedists have also discovered cases of hip dysplasia developing after birth as a result of tight swaddling.

Q: Can hip dysplasia be corrected?
A: The earlier hip dysplasia is detected, the easier it is to correct without surgery.

Q: How can post natal hip dysplasia be avoided?
Although swaddling an infant has many positive effects, often parents are taught to swaddle the baby’s entire body tightly to create a cocoon.  The restriction of movement in the lower half of the body can lead to post-natal hip dysplasia. To help avoid post natal hip dysplasia, swaddle just the top half of baby’s body and allow legs freedom of movement. Parents can learn more about safe swaddling here:

Q: Is hip dysplasia painful?
A: Hip Dysplasia can be a “silent” condition meaning that pain is not normally felt until much later in life.  Undetected or “hidden” hip dysplasia is the most common cause of hip arthritis in young women under the age of 50.  It also accounts for about 10% of all total hip replacements in the U.S. each year, or approximately 35,000 from hip dysplasia.

Q5: How can we learn more?
A: For additional information on hip dysplasia, including safe swaddle tips and how to recognize it in your child, visit

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Used in hospitals nationwide, the Halo SleepSack Swaddle is the #1 choice of hospital nurseries, recommended by safety organizations and is recognized as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

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