One of my favorite family activities each year are holidays.  Growing up my family didn’t make a big deal out of holidays and I always watched wistfully as everyone made a fuss over them.  I’d see families buying costumes for Halloween or ornaments and decorations for Christmas/Hanukkah.  Although I never vocalized my wishes for those special times of the year to my family, probably for fear it’d fall on deaf ears, I dreamed of the days I could create those moments for my own children.

I have to admit Halloween wasn’t one of those holidays I had to celebrate until I gave birth to my first child.  My negative views towards Halloween were more a product of my childhood than anything.  My parent’s viewed it as the devil’s holiday and associated bad things with the day such as homes getting egg’d, people lighting dog poop on neighbor’s porches.  Next to never having worn a costume or carving a pumpkin, we rarely ever bought candy to give away and I even recall some years we’d go to bed early and turn out the lights to appear as if no one was home.  I never did find out if these reasoning were based on reality but I accepted it as matter of fact.  But when my daughter was born and Halloween approached, I couldn’t wait to pick out a costume and take her trick or treating.  I admit, I still don’t know what exactly Halloween is about other than cute costumes and kids going door to door and collecting candy.  Halloween has fast become a tradition in our family and group of friends.  Some how we’ve also associated it with the beginning of fall and have incorporated pumpkin picking into our annual Halloween photo op which makes it a fun treat all around.

This year, we were generously provided with costumes by Disguise Costumes, the world’s leading costume manufacturer.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they probably manufactured your costumes of the past.  The toddler got a fabulous Rocker Barbie costume which she has worn at least 5 times already, and with Halloween is still several days away.  I think she may have a little Madonna thing going on there as she loves loves loves her fishnet gloves and glittery microphone.  Much to the husband’s delight, the infant makes a fierce (huggable) mini-Incredible Hulk.  It was mom approved mainly because the head piece was more like a hat, I imagined anything that covered his face would be a problem for him.  I love love love that they are stretchy.  New York Halloween’s can  be chilly and on this year’s fall photo op, it was indeed nippy.  The toddler was able to fit a matching fuchsia sweatshirt underneath her costume comfortably.  This year’s pumpkin picking excursion took us to Schmitt’s Family Farm in Melville, Long Island where my little rocker was fawned over like the star that she really is.

Disguise Costumes has got an incredible selection of costumes and have long-standing relationships with some of the largest studios, like Disney, Mattel and Marvel as well as Sesame Street and Hasbro creating unique costumes from Board Games.  There’s something for everyone and they’ve got the entire family covered including Mom and Dad.  Costumes are available online and retail stores across the United States.