Ha-Ha, the Jokes on Ava!

jacky2I’m not going to lie. Reading is not a favorite activity for Ava of ItsSoAva.com. She doesn’t hate reading. It’s just not the first thing she’d choose to do if she had some free time. That’s okay though, I get it. She’s a busy girl with lots of friends, lots of extracurricular activities, she vlogs. She’s busy. Heck I’m busy too. I haven’t read a book with her in ages, in fact, probably not since she was little and reading books now usually is reserved for 3 year old little brother in hopes of building that love of learning right from an early age. Ironically when I told her about our #HaHaBookclub, she was super super excited. By excited I mean she literally got right down to task.

I’m not quite sure what the motivation was.  Perhaps it was the chance to have some undivided attention and private time with mom? Or more likely the grandeur of a blog assignment. Whatever the case may be, she had both myself and her teacher incredibly happy with this enthusiasm to read.


In the few days it took us to read this book, I found myself either having to catch up on my own or get caught up by my darling daughter as she was making circles around me reading ahead. While I think this was very much a blog assignment to her, she didn’t seem to realize that she was actually enjoying and engaging with the book. She though Jacky Ha-Ha, the newest middle grade novel by the New York Times best-selling author, James Patterson, was a complete hoot. She related and sympathized with her and some of the issues that she had to deal with. She definitely gave me a good dose of mom guilt when she equated Jacky Ha-Ha’s mom overseas for Desert Storm to when I worked back to back night shifts and didn’t see her for days. She told me she missed me terribly those days. We both agreed that Jacky Ha-Ha could definitely be a fun friend of hers.

With 3 kids, I often find it hard to carve private time for each child but participating in the #HaHaBookclub was a nice reminder that I needed to try harder, especially with my only girl.  The time we carved out each night to read with each other was something we both looked forward to and reading Jacky Ha-Ha definitely opened some fun and interesting conversations that helped me get to know my own child a little better.

Do you still read with your older children?

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