Growing Pains

I wonder how parents do it.  Lately it seems that my little girl is growing leaps and bounds before my very eyes.  First it was her very first day of school and now her big move to her big girl bed!  From her adorable cute and small little toddler bed to a grown-up full-size bed.  I know!  A full-size bed!  I struggled with this too!  But remembering that day, months before she graced us with her appearance, standing at the furniture store, I assured my husband that a convertible bed was the best investment we could make.  Who knew he’d hold me to that!  Ever hear about the crazy pregnant lady?!

And now the day is here, having outgrown the toddler bed, she wanted a bigger bed.  Although I don’t think she realized how big her bed was going to be and her parents didn’t give enough thought to spacial arrangement.  Daddy abandoned the new full-size bed smack dab in the middle of the room and left me to figure it out.  Thank goodness, mom here (yea that’s me! tooting my own horn!) has some design sense and figured it all out.  I think I deserve a pat on the back for this creative design!

Welcome to Ava’s new room now including a reading nook! At first we were going to move the bookshelf against the wall along side her bureau drawer but I worried she might fall out of her bed which was now twice as high as her toddler bed.  Moving the bookshelf, back to bed, luckily a finished bookcase back, solved my dilemma and created a beautiful unintentional little reading nook.  She now also has a place bedside for her clock and a glass of water.

Here’s the irony — while Ava has upgraded to her big girl bed, Grandma decided she needed to downgrade to a twin-size bed.  Go figure!