Grilled on Independence Day

When my husband said he joined an online board for smokers, he definitely gave me pause.  Was there something he wanted to tell me?  I knew he was under a lot of stress but picking up smoking? Imagine my relief when by smoking he meant meats… phew!  For some reason unbeknownst to me my husband has become obsessed with creating an authentic BBQ experience.  I never was able to distinguish a good BBQ from a regular BBQ until a recent trip to Williamsburg where we hit up a local dive called Frette Sau.  What appeared to be a transformed automobile shop (although to me arguably on purpose) turned smoked BBQ joint lined with picnic tables for a communal dining experience…  There I was treated to the most succulent BBQ I had ever had and where the husband’s BBQ obsession began.

Here’s a peek into what transpired… July 4th… Chan-ning style…

what’s the 4th without a little pool action?

there is no going halfsies, only PRO. the smoker and BBQ engaged…

a little grilled pineapple to whet your tongue

sippin lemonade poolside… who’s enjoying it more?

the juiciest brisket ever… one of several amazing meats to enter my stomach that night

try as they might, our little explorers couldn’t find anything better than Daddy’s BBQ