Green Finds @ the NY Toy Fair 2009

It’s been hard finding a balance between work, school and family but I’m happy I set aside some time to still make the NY Toy Fair. This was my second year attending and I do have to say signs of the recession are everywhere. It was definitely a much quieter show albeit still as large as ever. I walked it in record time… but I won’t divulge just how long. I always enjoy going to the show and seeing some of the newest toys that will be coming onto the GREEN shelves. Nothing beats touching and feeling the products in your hand. This year was no exception. I did try my best to see every GREEN toy at the show, but if I missed you… let me know, send me sample and I’ll be happy to review.

Some of the highlights include Dandelion’s reusable feeding collection. Last year was the first time I saw toys made from corn, the Eco-Angel line from Tomy and now Dandelion has introduced reusable plates, bowls, cups and utensils. They of course have a beautiful line of organic toys and an organic canvas bag I’d just love to have.
Going a little off track, while wandering the aisles, I of course got engrossed at the Haba booth. I was thrilled to see that they have redesigned the Fiorella rattle, one of Ava’s favorite toys when she was a baby. I never did return it despite the recall, it wasn’t mandatory, but the toy had retained some sentimentality for me so I kept it. The darker shade of it I wasn’t so thrilled with but I love that they found a solution for the sometimes dislodging mirror on it.

Also a new find was the bamboo-made Hape e-racers. I saw their Le Mans (shout-out to Lop!) edition before but was excited about their new Dump Truck, Airplane and Hot Rod designs that will be hitting the shelves sometime this June.
Another favorite of mine was from Green Toys made from recycled plastic. Ava just loved her Sand Play Set and while I still think the rope handle isn’t the greatest idea, she just loves it. My favorite of their new products for this year was their recycling truck. If I heard correctly their trucks don’t have metal axles, it is 100% made from recycled bottles. The packaging is also part of the toy. Just cut out the different recycling methods from the box and sort according on the truck!

I’ll definitely have to look into their tea set which I hear is their biggest seller now that Ava is getting into the pretend play. I also hear they reduced some of the price points on their items making “Green” toys not just for the rich…

I definitely applaud new and inventive ways to be more environmental and I was very interested in Magic Forest’s Firewood Toys. Each toy is made from “rescued” firewood, so instead of burning wood, we’re burning rubber… that is in beautifully handcrafted racers. Magic Forest also carries Sevi and Trudy, two of my favorite european toy companies.

I have lots more to fill you in on but my growling tummy is calling… until tonight… or tomorrow…