Google Home on FiOS, The Perfect Companion

Our Home Communication Center starring Google Home!

I’m a Hey Google kinda gal, but maybe you’re an “OK Google…” Whichever the case, if you’re familiar with Google Home, you know first hand how indispensable she’s become.

I love how Google Home can differentiate the entire family. My entire family, down to the boys have their own Google accounts making the voice recognition feature of Google Home just so much fun! You can share Google Home with up to 5 other family members or friends.

One of the standout features of Google Home is its search engine. No one answers better than Google and boy do my kids love to test Google. Aside from answering homework questions (I’ll just pretend I don’t know they do that), their most favorite thing to do is ask what the weather will be like for the day. Every. Single. Morning.

In their defense, we have had some funky weather of late and it’s never fun arguing about if it’s a long sleeve or short sleeve day when all I want to do is get out the door on time (NEVER HAPPENS!). It’s actually kinda cute when my 4-year-old does it. So if it reduces some arguments, many thanks Google Home!

What I love is how much it integrates with my already Google-centric life. Everyone that knows me, knows that I live and breath around my Google Calendar, Keep, Drive and of course GMAIL. I can ask Google what my day looks like, ask to remember something and even better… make a shopping list! One of my favorite questions is how long my drive will be that morning to my destination of choice and if I’m really having a bad day, how much a flight outta here will cost me.

Google Home is coming out with all sorts of neat new tricks every day. Of course it plays nice with Chromecast and playing all sorts of media on what you cast to. Google Home just has to automate your home with HOME in its name. I didn’t have to buy any new equipment as it already plays nice with my Nest thermostat and Belkin wireless products.

Next time you speak to Google Home, ask her if she farted. We kinda stumbled upon this fun little easter egg as my boys are a bit obsessed with farting these days.

The only network that can keep up with the plethora of fun we’re having with Google Home is Verizon FiOS, with the fastest internet speeds available. Now at it’s the best price of $79.99 a month, you might be surprised how much cheaper Verizon FiOS’ Gigabit Internet is than your much slower plan! Boasting speeds of 940mbps upload and 880 mbps download, they can easily handle over 100+ devices simultaneously!

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{ disclosure: I am a member of the #FiOSNY team where I receive complimentary services for my honest review.  I have been an existing, paying and loyal FiOS customer for over a decade making this the PERFECT partnership! }