Good Food Near YOU!

This site was made for ME! and you too of course… Confession Alert! I do, more often than I should, take my daughter and nephew to the Golden Arches. It’s a crutch I know. Figuring out what they will or will not eat is too much sometimes and I know I am “golden” with the nuggets. I also fiend sudden memory loss when it comes to choosing healthier eating options for them on the road. Now I have no excuse, with the GoodFoodNearYou program downloaded on my iPhone (or Blackberry too!), similar to my other favorite UrbanSpoon, you will see a selection of healthy restaurants in your area. Sometimes the Golden Arches are the only nearby choice but you are given healthier options to consider – choose wisely! Your results can be sorted by distance, calories, fat content, or carbs. The GoodFoodNearYou database includes over 200,000 US restaurant locations and 33,000 food items. Since we’re planning to be quite the road -trippers, I’m grateful to see sorting options by Landmarks (even airports) too – Disney anyone?! Now who’s the Health-conscious mom now!