GIVEAWAY: Walgreen’s Random Acts of Wellness

{ disclosure: This is part of a compensated campaign with Walgreens and The Motherhood.  Gift cards for giveaway were supplied by Walgreens. }

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When I was asked to participate in Walgreen’s Random Acts of Wellness Campaign I gave them an emphatic yes.  Being a nursing student has taught me so much about the importance of proper healthcare and Walgreen’s Random Acts of Wellness Campaign was something I could definitely stand behind.  Just like the way this blog evolved in my need to share everything I was learning as a parent, I wanted to scream (share) everything I was learning in school.  With every passing day I’m looking for more ways to share and give back to the community and it makes me so happy that I’ve chosen this profession where I can do just that.

I had signed up earlier to volunteer and give free blood pressure readings at the 5th Annual Harlem Health Revival and thought it was the PERFECT place to share my Random Acts of Wellness.  You see, for many residents of Harlem, these health fairs are their only source of health care for the entire year whether it be because of financial circumstances, lack of insurance or lack of available education.   This years Harlem Health Revival brought, at last count, over 750 people, to Jackie Robinson Park in the heart of Harlem.   The purpose of the Health Fair is to motivate residents to adopt healthier lifestyles and provide the tools and information to advocate for themselves as patients.  Each registered participant received a Health Passport which they took station to station for a mini-physical and be educated on health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac health, etc.,  At the end of their tour they could opt to hand-in their results so we could follow up with them over the course of the next year.  I thought that was truly an amazing gift to the community with an amazing high-risk population of people who had such sweet stories to tell.

During the Harlem Health Revival, I recruited 5 of my amazing classmates who were in the trenches giving blood pressure readings, talking and laughing with our patients, to give one giftcard for a free flu shot to one lucky patient while I stood back, watched and listened.  I was so proud of my classmates sharing about the important of controlling high blood pressure in the community where it is so prevalent  as well as educating them on the importance of getting their flu shot.  I wasn’t too surprised to hear that many of them don’t get the flu shot.  Some of the reasons that were mentioned included:

  • Just another expense I don’t need to undertake.
  • They don’t have enough for everyone.
  • If I drink lots of orange juice I’ll be okay.
  • I don’t like shots and you have to get two.
  • I heard you can get the flu if you get the shot and I can’t afford to be sick.
  • If I don’t bring it home to the kids then they won’t get it.
  • If my kids get the shot then we’re okay.

The misconceptions about getting the flu shot were prevalent!  Last year there definitely wasn’t enough available.  I struggled to get mine despite being in the high risk and priority category of being pregnant.  Both my doctor and my ob/gyn had run out.  Even our pediatrician who would gladly give me one ran out.  I went to two flu clinics at my neighborhood drug store before I was able to get one.  It was a feat unto itself.

I was thrilled to let them know that this year’s shot protects them both against the H1N1 (swine) virus and two other influenza viruses, combined in one. So you don’t have to get TWO shots.  You cannot get the flu from the shot, its an inactivated form of the virus.  Herd mentality does work, but in mass quantities, not in a small family. The CDC recommends everyone over the age of 6 months get the flu shot.  For children, if it’s your first time getting a flu shot, you will have to get two, but every year following it’s just ONE shot.

The Health Revival was an amazing experience and I want to thank Walgreen’s for allowing me to share the gift of flu shots in my Random Acts of Wellness.  At the end of the day I was only saddened that I couldn’t give one to everyone.

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You too can give the Flu Shot gift with Walgreen’s convenient giftcards!  Visit the full photo album on facebook to see more of the Harlem Health Revival!