GIVEAWAY: Pizza for Breakfast?! Count me in!

{ disclosure: I am working in partnership with Kellogg and and have received a stipend, but the opinions expressed here are my own }


I don’t know about you, but morning are crazy at my house.  Even though I’m up, about and out before the kids are even awake every morning, its still shear chaos.  Every morning my routine includes things like:

  • prepare my son’s bottles for the day
  • set aside prepared tubs of baby food
  • make my daughter’s vitamin mixed juice cup
  • make her meals
  • check that the nursery is adequately stocked with diapers, bibs, wipes and clothing
  • wash and sanitize all of the baby’s teething toys
  • make sure the baby’s medication is where it should be and ready for administration
  • make a list with all my instructions for the day
  • check that there is adequate entertainment for the day
  • package my lunch
  • fill up my water bottle
  • wash and sterilize breast pump accessories
  • pack up my breast pump and supplies
  • pack up my school books and materials for the day
  • eat breakfast if I remember to…

I’m sure some of you are looking at my list thinking, well it should get pretty routine after a while, which is true but… Not every morning is the same and there are days I notice the the baby has a developing rash, which I then want to adjust his diet, or his medications, or I notice the toddler has avoided veggies all week and I want my MIL to focus on these certain things for the day.  So by the time I think of everything I need to cover for the day, I forget to eat breakfast in my haste to make the train.  I know breakfast is the most important day of the meal, but as a mom, you often are so busy taking care of everyone else, you forget about yourself.  Most days I  wonder how I even remember it all.  I know some mornings are easier than others and the easiest ones are the ones where I do as much as I can the night before.  Lists help immensely and if they don’t change much, its great to have a starter list that gets tweaked just a little each morning.

When I was approached to try Eggo® Real Fruit Pizzas, I gave them a resounding YES!  Granted I was more excited to try it out myself and make it a part of my morning routine but I realized how perfect it was for my toddler too.  My little picky eater rarely eats fruits, let alone fresh fruit, especially if its not, say, in an ice cream disguised packaging.  Even that can be a challenge.  Strawberry ice cream becomes “pink” ice cream, because pink is one of her favorite colors.  On some days I can even trick her with pink (strawberry) yogurt, but not often.  When I saw Eggo® Real Fruit Pizzas packaging, all I could think was — Ooooh pink! Oooh Pizza!  The toddler loves pizza!  This could totally work!

One crazy morning, amidst my running around, I popped the Mixed Berry Granola Fruit Pizza in the microwave, excited to try out my favorite combination of fruit, yogurt and granola in a pizza form… and I totally forgot as I ran out of the house to catch my train.  When I got home later that evening I was thrilled to hear that the toddler scarfed it all up when she woke up, but I completely missed catching this “momentous” occasion.  I heard the defining moment of whether or not she would eat it came down to it being “purple!”  her other favorite color and my MIL threw in that she also thought Mommy left it as a special surprise just for her.  Hey, whatever works!

Trying out Pizza #2, the Strawberry Granola went on without a hitch.  Bright and early yesterday morning I asked the toddler if she wanted pizza for breakfast and of course there was her resounding, “Yes!”.  Approaching it much like frosting on a birthday cake, the toddler had to swipe a taste before I had a chance to even cut it up.  I had to even do a little negotiating to get a tiny slice of my own to try and it was delicious!  It’s no wonder she scarfed it down!  This will be another Eggo product that we’ll all be yelling, “Leggo my eggo!” and one thing less I have to think about every morning.


  • Quick and Easy Breakfast in just 1 minute
  • Incredibly nutritious with fresh fruits, granola and yogurt topping
  • They do not skimp on the fresh fruit — yum!
  • Eating it like a pizza makes it a pretty mess free meal.
  • It’s delicious!


  • Wish they came in a family pack.  Individual pizzas would be great for perhaps a college student, for a family, a four-pack would be better
  • Would have been cool if they came pre-sliced.
  • Wish there was an easy pull tab for opening the shrink-wrapped packaging.  This is not exclusive to this particular product, but over all in general.  One of my pet peeves is fumbling with scissors, or pulling off with my teeth.

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