GIVEAWAY: Medela Breastmilk Labeling and Storage System

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I’m sure I’m not unique in this situation, but my caregiver is my beloved mother-in-law.  All things aside, I love my mother-in-law, sometimes more than my own mother.  As far as caregivers goes, you can’t do better than the children’s own grandmother.  But, that being said, it comes with its own unique set of issues.  I’m not able to be the boss so much as the daughter in law.  My rules for care are only mere suggestions in her eyes.  Try as I may to strongly suggest, she always seems to know best and has her own system.  I won’t complain though.  My children adore their grandmother.  Second to me, they want her… yes, even over daddy.  If mommy can’t soothe a tear, grandma certainly can.  While I need to nurse the babe to sleep, she can gently lull him to sleep.  Something neither my husband or I could ever attempt without a meltdown.

Be as it may, I win as many battles as I lose with her and as long as my kids are happy and loved, I’m okay with that.  One battleground that I haven’t thrown in the towel on so much is battle breastmilk.  The infant does drink breastmilk exclusively, but not as much as the average baby his age.  His average consumption during the day includes two bottles in which he drinks approximately 2-3 ozs at a time.  No matter what the day, that’s his average.  Come nighttime, once I’ve returned home from school, he gorges on milk straight from the source. Who can blame him?! Despite his ever consistent consumption, I still try to leave a supply more than that in hopes that he might one day finally take to breastmilk from a bottle.

To get those precious bottles of milk sometimes involves several pumpings through out the day.  As much as I try to form some sort of system to eliminate waste, it never seems to take with my mother-in-law.  I’ve placed bottles in a row, one behind each other and somehow bottles always seems to get rearranged in the refrigerator in a household of 5.  I’ve tried even to get one bottle in the right order by placing a nipple on the first bottle for consumption and somehow it’s still whatever bottle she sets her eyes on first that gets picked.  I swear she picks blindly by sticking her hand in the fridge and feeling for whichever lands in her hand first.  So while a breastmilk labeling and storage system seems like a duh item, it’s kinda genius I think.

My favorite part of the Medela Breastmilk Labeling and Storage System is it’s use of universal symbolism.  My language challenge with my mother in law is a non-issue.  Breastmilk is neatly stored in a tray that holds up to 6 bottles (or bags) with an “in” arrow and and “out” arrow letting even the most clueless know which is the “next in line” bottle.  The lids indicate which day and time of day (morning, mid-day or night) the milk was pumped and are compatible with all Medela polypropylene breastmilk bottles.  If your system desires, you can use the lids to determine “use by” dates too.  It’s so simple!  Included in the system is a tray, two labeling lids and two 5 oz polypropylene breastmilk bottles.

We love everything Medela and all they do to support breastfeeding moms! With a variety of products, accessories and information on nursing, they are here to make for a successful breastfeeding experience.  At the website you’ll not only find product information, but also tips & solutions, be able to speak to a lactation consultant and much more.

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