GIVEAWAY: Back to School with Frito Lays


We love Frito Lays!  While I’ve always considered it my sinful indulgence (and my family’s as well)  I’ve learned that they have an abundance of healthy options including their new Naturally Delicious Mix multi-pack sack of chips!  Frito Lays New Naturally Delicious Mix multi-pack contains 22 single-serve bags of snacks, including Lay’s Classic and Sour Cream and Onion potato chips, Rold Gold Tiny Twists pretzels, and SunChips Garden Salsa and Harvest Cheddar multigrain snacks – giving both moms and kids multiple delicious options!  These products are made without any artificial or synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives, and contain no monosodium glutamate (MSG).  So munch away!

Frito Lays wanted to share some great tips for an after school snack!  We all know whole grains are important, but how do you convince kids to eat them when they prefer white bread and pasta? It’s easy: Add them to their snacks! Frito-Lay offers great options for snacks containing whole grains your kids are sure to enjoy.  SunChips multigrain snacks, one of my favorite snacks period, pack a punch with 18 grams of whole grains per serving. Portion out a serving into a reusable container for your kids’ lunch boxes or throw them into a 1-oz bag for easy on-the-go snacking!

Fruit is always a go-to snack, but it’s not always the first choice for kids. Make snacks fun by mixing and matching colorful fruits and vegetables.  Pack fruits and vegetables that represent your kids’ favorite sports teams colors, like plums and bananas for the Yankee (Go Yankees!) fan, green grapes and cantaloupe for Packers’ fans.  Love this idea — Create a rainbow mix dip with red cherry tomatoes, orange carrots, yellow pineapple, green celery, blue blueberries, indigo grapes and purple plums. Cut each fruit and veggie into bite-size pieces, and serve the dip alongside SunChips to pair whole grains with other vitamins and nutrition!

With school starting during the hottest time of the year, it’s essential that kids stay hydrated. Dips paired with fruits and vegetables, which have high water content, are a delicious and easy way to boost hydration and nutrition (watermelon is 92% water!*).   Make fruit even more appealing by serving it on top of non-fat Greek yogurt. Not only will your kids love dipping, they’ll be getting calcium and protein in the snack as well.  For chips, take the nutrient factor up a notch with healthier dipping choices such as Sabra hummus (yum!) and homemade salsa, you child might find their next addiction.

GIVEAWAY: ONE (1) lucky reader will win a set of eco-friendly reusable snack wraps for lunch packs and Frito Lays new Naturally Delicious Mix multi-pack sack of chips as well as an insulated lunch tote for mom!  To ENTER, from now until October 1st 2011 you MUST subscribe to Mom Confessionals.  For additional entries – 1st Option – If you follow me on twitter @momconfessional and re-tweet this giveaway (I would love to go back to school with Frito Lays and @momconfessional’s #Giveaway! – 2nd Option – If you “like” us on Facebook and share the giveaway with your friends. DON’T FORGET to visit this FORM and leave a separate entry for each action. Giveaway only open to those with U.S. addresses and must be 18 years or older. Giveaway ends on October 1st 2011 at 11:59 EST. A winner will be selected randomly by and notified by e-mail.