Gimme some SUGAR!

Are all sugars created equal? My Anatomy & Physiology class has me thinking about sugar lately and I have a major major sugar tooth too… monomers, polymers, glucose, fructose, sucrose… etc., any way you like it, you can’t escape it. I was surprised to know just how much better organic sugar for you, even if that does sounds like an oxymoron. Did you know Paraquat is a legal, albeit restricted used herbicide on sugarcane crops here in the US but has been banned in the EU since 2007? I was even more surprised to understand the intense and long processing required to produce refined white sugar – sulphur dioxide, formic acid, phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide, etc., Organic and Raw sugars means less energy used, less waste products and fewer chemicals (like aspartame and sucralose which is made with chlorine) which we can all say AMEN to.
Let me make a clarification, brown sugar is NOT raw sugar. It is a a further processed white refined sugar with molasses syrup and then dried again. Another plus is that raw sugar contains trace minerals and nutrients… the white is devoid of any. It also cooks and bakes just the same way as refined sugar. So next time be a little fancy and use the Sugar in the Raw packets… your body thanks you!