Gimme 5!

A dear friend (Thanks Viv!) just forwarded this exciting news to us, Products packaged in #5 plastic are sold widely, but #5 is not recycled in most communities.

The Gimme 5 program provides a way to return #5 plastics for recycling.

Two ways to Gimme 5:

  1. Send shipments to the address below. If you have any questions or need to get a shipment approved, call 888-354-7296.

    Preserve Gimme 5
    823 NYS Rte 13
    Cortland, NY 13045

  2. Starting in January, Gimme 5 bins will be available in select Whole Foods Market stores.

Here’s how you can Gimme 5!
Mail or drop off any CLEAN plastic item with a #5 stamp on the bottom.

Common #5’s include yogurt cups, sour cream containers, hummus tubs, and medicine bottles.
Through a partnership with Brita, Brita filters are accepted for recycling.

To help make this program a win for the environment, it is important that you send your plastics back via ground shipping (as opposed to air). Reuse a box if you can! Make sure to include your return address on the box and add your name and email address inside the box so that Preserve can thank you for your good work.

Unfortunately, they are unable to pay for your shipping costs. However, the retail-based Gimme 5 program (starting in January) will allow you to drop off your used #5’s at no cost.