Getting Green with with Little Tikes

Now that’s schools out, how does one keep the kiddies entertained in this summer heat?  Little Tikes has got us covered all summer long.  It’s not just all about fun, there has to be some balance.  Maybe with a little housework?  The toddler felt so professional with her Little Tikes Garden Tool Set by Imperial Toy, helping her father dig and install the new fencing around the house.  It was hard work, but so much fun!  I was amazed at how strong this little shovel (and rake) was.  She kept pace with her daddy, shovel by shovel and he credits her for making his job that much easier.

How to relax after an afternoon full of shoveling… Perhaps a little gardening?  Our garden experience thus far hasn’t been so successful, no thanks to my lack of watering skills.  Perhaps with this Little Tikes Garden Watering Can by Imperial Toy, we can sprinkle a little magic?!  With her very own can, who can’t get inspired to water her plants everyday even in the blistering summer heat!  It comes with a variety of pour options from a sprinkle to a full on waterfall for watering the most delicate of flowers to our hearty shrubs.  Our plants just might have a fighting chance this year afterall!

There’s gotta be some play in summer, and what better way than with bubbles.  It’s fun for kids of all ages and everyone down to the infant got into it.  This toy is shear brilliance and had us all excited.  All kids love big kid tools and this tool is as realistic as it is fun.  Fill up it’s “gas” chamber with bubbles and power it up!  Whether its blowing the Little Tikes Garden Bubble Leaf and Lawn Blower by Imperial Toy or chasing them, battery powered, it provides millions of bubbles and hours of entertainment as this mom sits curbside with her glass of lemonade.

What a wonderful way to spend summer!  Little Tykes Garden toys are available online at and at retailers such as Toys R Us and Target.  Get in gear for summer with Little Tykes by Imperial Toy!

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