Get Out To See High Strung!

High StrungIt’s a movie about passion, excitement, endurance and motivation. The characters reek of talent, drive, and commitment. All of this and more is what you will see when you check out High Strung, in theaters this weekend.
The film tells a story about a young dancer named Ruby who comes to New York to live her dream of being a classically-trained dancer at a prestigious school. She eventually crosses paths with a young, British violinist named Johnnie who’s musical talents are recognized only in the tunnels of the NY subways.  The two artists, who come from two entirely different worlds, don’t seem to get along at first, but when certain circumstances arise, the two must find a way to to navigate the competitive world of music and dancing in New York City together.
There is such an abundance of entertainment and talent in this movie, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a taste for the performance arts.
Between the talented musicians and unbelievably amazing dance numbers (not to mention the acting), you will certainly be drawn in. This is not just your ordinary tale about the underdog, rather, it’s a story of determination and achieving your dreams in a cutthroat industry. Through competitive dancing, original song and captivating performances, the actors and dancers in this film make High Strung a must see.
High Strung was directed by Michael Damien,a talented actor/musician in his own right, who could probably attest to the fact that the plot of the film can actually occur on the daily in New York. But what is more important is how entertaining this movie is.
If you have a budding musician or aspiring dancer in your family, then I highly recommend that you take them to see this film over the weekend. Perfect for viewers of all ages, High Strung will really draw you in and have you laughing, crying and simply in awe throughout.
High Strung comes out in theaters tomorrow, April 8th.
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{ disclosure: We received an exclusive screening of High Strung.  While we received compensation for a review, all opinions expressed here are our very own. }