French Fries are not a Vegetable… Part I

Oh you didn’t know? Neither did I! Okay, maybe I did… This blog is turning into a confessional, I am a terrible mom… This past Easter weekend our family took a road trip to Baltimore. In preparing for the trip, I packed ample amounts of snacks, waters, sodas, organic milk etc., Notice aside from the organic milk and water, everything else was crap. I did attempt to bring some organic cookies, but they sealed the bag so good I couldn’t even get it open. So when Ava beckoned for a snack, she got either a lollipop or Cheese Doodles (the crunchy kind – yum!). Confession Alert – I am a junk food addict! I actually had to face my terrible and subsequently Ava’s terrible eating habits after she woke up from a nap while we were eating “All You Can Eat” seafood at a Buffet. She of course woke up cranky, and God forbid anything standing in our way of getting our fill of crab legs – we feared a meltdown. After several attempts at baiting her with her favorite, fish – she firmly ignored us – we baited her with ice cream. Yes, yes, shame on us. If it helps our case, she didn’t want to eat anything at all, can you blame us for trying to get something into her stomach?! Midway through her second dish we were able to steer her to an ear of corn. Thank God she ate that with as much robustness as she took to the ice cream. For the remainder of our trip I tried to refrain from giving her any soda, if she really wanted the bubbly, she had my club soda. Sadly I recently learned even club soda, while low in sugar content gave them phosphoric acid which I hear they shouldn’t have in any excess quantity. So much for being one step better!

Making me feel even worse as a mom, during our Shaklee product launch call, they were quoting statistics and facts like:
French Fries—The most common vegetable source for kids today
Soft Drinks—Most 8-year-olds drink soft drinks daily and each 12 oz. serving contains 9 tsp. of sugar; Phosphorous in soft drinks can leach calcium out of bones
Candy—69% of 19- to 24-month-olds eat candy or dessert on any given day
Junk Food—25% of calories on a typical school day come from junk food

If this was a trial, I’d be guilty guilty guilty on all counts… sigh! I use cookies and lollipops as motivation or reward for potty training. I think, oh I’m just giving her a sip of soda, it’s not a lot and once in a while becomes anytime we’re out and we’re indulging ourselves. You know, this just might explain Mommy’s muffin top…hahaha! You are what you eat and your kids… will become you.

If there is one great thing that I thought Ava was doing right with her diet, other than organic dairy was her intake of fish. That girl can eat fish! She would opt to eat that above everything else – the Baltimore trip was a fluke. We have even taken to hiding the filet for last and portioning out ours before she sees it, otherwise that fish monster won’t share. Not even a bite. Suddenly it occured to me, what about the mercury content? I am no fish expert and who knows what “sale” fish my MIL purchased because by the time she’s done with it, often you can’t identify what it started out as. She swears she is getting the “right” fishes, but this is the woman who bought J&J recently completely dismissing my warnings. So…. insert pregnant pause… hrmmm… So that made me excited for ShakleeKids Mighty Smart DHA chews, but now I have to worry, can you get too much DHA?

In an effort to be more nutritionally balanced I made a trip to Whole Foods. What did I walk out with?! Junk Food! Organic junk food if that helps. Yes a delicious selection of rice crispy like treats in peanut butter and berry, more of the cherry oatie cookies Ava likes so much, a tiramisu cake for me and some Horizon Organic Yogurt Tuberz. I think the yogurt was the healthiest if I wanted to give myself some credit at all. All the while nagging in the back of my mind the fact she doesn’t like fresh fruit at all! How is that possible?! I love fresh fruit! I love berries of all kinds, asian pears, watermelons, etc., Ava’s idea of fruit includes Target’s brand of organic fruit strips. While it is 100% fruit, I somehow believe eating the real deal is still better.

Stay tuned as this mommy tries and figures out how to get some fruits and veggies into her finicky sweets loving toddler…

{ disclosure : Shaklee independent distributor }