Forget Orange, We’re Going Teal

teal_pumpkinWho doesn’t love Halloween. It’s a favorite in our house.  Having grown up in an anti-Halloween household, it’s been such a treat to enjoy this holiday with my children.  From the time they were wee tots, they’ve been dressed in costumes and gone trick or treating in their strollers, toddling and now running from house to house. Collecting the candies and treats were always so much fun, even if I didn’t always let them enjoy the fruits of their collecting.

Once my older son was diagnosed with severe food allergies, I was sure Halloween was done. It was heartbreaking but he was now older and collecting things like peanut butter cups and milk chocolate candies, both of which he was severely allergic to, was very dangerous. How could I keep my boy safe? Even if we sorted out his goodies and separated the goodies that we safe and the ones that weren’t, how do I know if there wasn’t any cross contamination. We started making our own goodie bags and traded trick or treating for at home celebrations.
I think I nearly cried when I first heard about the Teal Pumpkin Project. Launched in 2014 by the nonprofit Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). It’s made a safer and happier Halloween for my two boys. By displaying a TEAL pumpkin and this FREE downloadable sign, you’re raising awareness about food allergies and helping all children come home on Halloween night with something they can enjoy. Paint a teal pumpkin or buy one and with your sign declare an all-inclusive Halloween.

moosetoys_halloweenThanks to Moose Toys, the company behind the collectible craze Shopkins, Twozies and Grossery Gang, my house is going to be the house to visit this Halloween! The kids in my neighborhood won’t be bartering for the best candies, rather it’s raining Shopkins, Twozies and Grossery Gang! The perfect small treat that is non-food!

Join the Teal Pumpkin Project tomorrow and share some sweet non-food treats with your trick or treaters! Perhaps you’ll stumble upon a Teal Pumpkin during your trip out and maybe even a Moose Toys gifting home!

Happy Halloween!