The Flu. Boo Hoo Hoo!

It’s a big deal.  It’s not just a really (really) bad cold.  The flu sends over 200,00o people a year to the hospital.  The flu is one tricky little virus that changes every year.  We’re lucky the CDC tracks it, among many other things and keeps us up to date.  Everyone’s at risk, especially the young who don’t think they need to get vaccinated.  Once again the most prevalent flu strain seen this year is the H1N1, the flu strain that caused a pandemic back in 2009.

How do you know a bad bad cold from the Flu?  They wonderful folks at OTC Safety have a great article on decoding the symptoms of a Flu:

It’s not too late to get vaccinated!  While you can get vaccinated as early as September, the flu season can last through until May.  With our extended winter, that may go even longer!  The flu vaccine can help your body fight off the flu virus and is especially designed to fight the H1N1 virus, the most prevalent strain this year.  Contrary to the popular rumor that you can catch the flu from the flu vaccine, that is FALSE.  The flu vaccine takes up to 14 days to take effect, if you’ve been exposed in the 14 days prior to receiving the vaccine, that’s likely the culprit!

Got the flu?  There’s no cure like rest, but there are many things that can help make you more comfortable.  As always, read your labels!  If it’s your little one with the flu, never give oral cough/cold meds to kids under the age of 4.  A flu can last as long as 10-14 days, so make yourself comfortable but safely.

For more information on the FLU this season, follow the conversation at @CDCFlu @OTCSafety and #OTCSafety.





{ disclosure : I am an OTC Safety Ambassador, sharing an important message.  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }