Fitness Goals

IMG_3658It’s 2016 and I’m back. Following my foot injury which not only hurt me physically, it also majorly effected me mentally. I slumped back into my fitness funk, packed on some wonderful holiday weight which I have zero guilt about because it was DELICIOUS! But it’s time to get serious again. Getting on that scale the other day and seeing it tip way more than I expected was horrifying. Yes I know I’ve got body image issues, but we’ve all got things we don’t like about ourselves and for me it continues to be my mid region and more recently my ass. I’ve slowly gotten back into running but the cold has definitely made it harder to get back into the momentum despite the fact I know it really reaps big rewards as far as my fitness goals go. As hard as it’s been, I’ve been trying every day to get myself up and moving.

[message type=”custom”]FITNESS GOALS: To have an ass that you can bounce a quarter off of.[/message]

The very first day the kids were back in school I decided I would go to SoulCycle.  If anything can get me out of a funk, one class of SoulCycle definitely can. Unfortunately there was a wait-list for the class and as I sat waiting to see if I would get it, I spotted a sign for The Bar Method. I had heard many people raving about it but the appeal of a ballet like class just wasn’t there for me. It didn’t seem like I would really work up a sweat in a barre class and get that payoff I desired but I decided to check it out since I was just sitting on my fat ass.

IMG_3667Let me tell you, boy was I wrong! The Bar Method is definitely a different type of workout but make no mistake, it is a WORK OUT! I was working muscles that I didn’t even know I had.  Using simple small movements, I was surprised at how much I was working each area. I loved how much it really worked my two problem areas, almost like it was the perfect exercise routine for my needs. Routine it is not though.  I have now taken 6 classes, only skipping when I had to work and every class has been different from each other. They do follow the same formula of warm up, planks, thighs, etc., but the individual exercises for each area differs with each instructor and each class. I am absolutely amazed at how much sweating I am doing as I progress. With the dedicated schedule that I have been following, I expected to get better and easier with each class and yet I find myself struggling more and more, in a good way, with each class. As I perfect my forms and push myself, I can feel my body shaping and changing.

It really is about the forms though.  If you watched a video of the class you may think it’s super easy.  When you’re in the class, making the forms, with your instructor prompting and making adjustments to your pose, you feel the difference immediately. Like SoulCycle, it’s addicting and I can’t get enough. While I’m not giving up on running and SoulCycle, The Bar Method is definitely being added to the repertoire and really makes my workout routine rounded out.

Currently my local Bar Method (Roslyn) is running a New Client 1-month unlimited special for only $80 (prices may vary with locations) and it is totally worth it, especially if you try to go whenever you can.  I’m only 9 days in and have gone 6 out of 9 days.  Not only are you getting your moneys worth but you’ll see the difference more with the more classes you take.

{ disclosure: This is a self-purchased, completely on my own accord review. Referral links are included above, but I don’t get much more than some points that might earn me a pair of cute Bar Method socks. }