FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide and How to Replace a Broken Remote

FiOSRemoteVery wisely, over the years as a long time Verizon FiOS customer, I have kept every remote control despite other equipment upgrades.  Hey I’ve got 3 children and let me tell you, “Where’s the remote?” is a question asked frequently in my home (or more often shouted in distress!).  I have to say, almost 7 years later and probably 6 or more remotes later, we’re reached a point where only 1 remote control works for 3 set-top boxes.  As you can well imagine, that is a NO BUENO!  In fact I’m convinced there is a 2nd if not a 3rd remote some where in our home that is hidden strategically by certain members of my family for their own personal use. I mean really, how can we have 6 remotes one day and then only 1 another!?!?!  Out of sheer laziness to make the call and order another (couple of) remote(s), we’ve been shuffling the (1) ONE remote from the master bedroom, to the living room to the playroom.  You’d think running throughout the house just to change the channel or raise the volume on the TV would be enough to say, “I should pick up the phone and call to order a (few) remote(s).  Nope!  For the last two weeks, my 7 family members have been duking it out over the (1) remote until my husband discovered… how to order a replacement through the TV!! AMAZING!  It’s like they know my very lazy family! Not one single person wanted to pick up the phone and call to order new remotes.  In fact I’m almost certain my husband was trying to find a way to order a remote without actually having to pick up the phone and talk to someone.  So YAY To Verizon FiOS and their amazing Interactive Media Guide where you can order a new remote and do so much more without picking up a phone ever!

Ordering a Remote through the IMG (Interactive Media Guide), obviously this is going to require the use of your (1) functioning remote (or the FiOS Mobile app), from the Main Menu on your TV:

Select > Customer Support > Top Support Tools > Replace FiOS Remote

If you have had service for less than 90 days, select In Warranty and click OK
If you have had service for more than 90 days, select Out-of-Warranty
You may need to enter your purchase pin to complete the transaction


and WHAAALLLA – Your new remote should arrive in 3-8 business days!  So completely easy to do!  While we are waiting for our NEW remotes to arrive, I’m happy to say that we remembered that we have our very own personal remote on our (Verizon) mobile phones through the FiOS Mobile App!  For the next few days, Mom and Dad can breath easy and let the remaining 5 members of the family duke it out over the (1) remote while we sit happy and content in our master bedroom with our own personal remote control!

Verizon’s FiOS Interactive Media Guide can be accessed with the FiOS TV remote control or by using the FiOS Mobile App, which turns a smart phone or tablet into a remote control for a FiOS HD set-top-box, making parental controls, customized applications and program recording easy to access.

{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador and #LifeOnFiOS Ambassador.  I have been a long time FiOS customer, since the very first day it came into my neighborhood 6-7 years ago and have never turned back!  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own! }