The weekend is here and what better time it is to make a small change to better yourself.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a little rutty.  We’ve tabled the talks for a 3rd little Chan for now and so I’m channeling my energy into getting out of my soccer mom sweatpants and over-sized t-shirt rut.   I’m all about creating a better me and I will be featuring small things I will be doing to improve, well me!  Not only will it keep me accountable to you all, but also I hope to inspire you to reinvent or make that small change in your life and make it a happier one.

Today’s focus is fashion and trying a new look! That’s me in the front row on the left in that gorgeous Trina Turk for Banana Republic dress that I would have never dared to wear in a million years at the Trumpeting Media & Four Seasons Blogger Bar Brunch.  That’s because I was a very stereotypical New York girl whose wardrobe colors consisted of black, grey and maybe the occasional navy.  I did feel a little weird buying it, wasn’t sure that I’d actually wear it.  I was hoping it would hide a multiple of sins, including my not so sexy muffin top, but what was it going to do to my ever self-conscience arm flag?  What else did I do?  Well I actually left my hair down for once and boy oh boy what a transformation! Maybe I still have a chance yet to starve off the Fashion Don’t list.

Do you see my lovely friend and business partner Divina to the far right?  She exudes beauty and confidence so naturally. Until next week ladies, have an inspiring weekend!