The weekend is here again.  How was your week?  I had a wonderful week with a hiccup.  I worked a few days and I spent the rest of the week really enjoying my children.  It’s hard to believe that school starts next week.  Where did the summer go?  I’m glad I got the chance to spend some real quality time with them.  I’ve started to prioritize and organize my life a little more.  I’ll get into that in a few weeks.  This week I want to talk about the value of girlfriends in our Finding Yourself Fridays series.

Last week, after a very long and exhausting playdate of chasing children around, I got a phone call from a friend to hang out.  I never get these calls anymore and despite all the exhaustion I felt, I needed to do this.  I needed to get out of the house and have some one on one time with a good friend.  I hadn’t even showered yet.  The house was a mess.  We were just sitting down at dinner, but when the call came, I gave a resounding “yes!”.  The kids and I ate dinner, I kissed my husband good night.  Grabbed a lovely Trader Joe’s Tiramisu Torte from the freezer — perfect for these impromptu situations! — and headed out.  My friend and I had a most lovely evening of catching up.  While we are both mothers who adore our children to pieces, we were happy to not have a conversation that evolved completely around them while chasing them, feeding them, helping them etc.,  It was a nice chat over drinks and dessert to just relax.

As moms, we get so centered around our family.  I see many moms who completely lose themselves in becoming a parent.  What always surprises me is that I see fathers continue to enjoy themselves.  I’ve heard on many occasions from my girlfriends, that dad is once again going out with his buddies for drinks, or Dad’s taking a round of Golf or Dad’s going on a mini-trip with his boys.  On the flipside, I see mothers who gave up hobbies and other things they enjoy once they became a parent and it becomes the sole thing that defines them.  While I’m sure some of the hobbies can remain in the past, we all have a few of those, but it’s nice to carve a small piece of your life, for yourself.

As for my night out with my friend, I didn’t stay out too long.  Maybe just for about 2 hours, but that 2 hours was just the break I needed to feel human and in touch again. This week I challenge you to call up a girlfriend and go out.  If that’s not possible, just have a nice phone call, with wine in hand, after the kids have gone to bed.