FINDING YOURSELF FRIDAYS: Here’s to a better YOU and a better ME! #FYF

So last week was all about changing things up.  This week I’m focusing on small steps that I’m taking to improve my health.  It’s not a fully committed workout routine, but like I said small steps.

  1. First things first, sit up straight.  Your mamma told you right.  Posture is important.  Not just for the health of your back but also for your attitude.  Sitting up straight exudes confidence.  It can do a lot for your mood.  Start making a conscience effort and you’ll notice just how much you slouch.
  2. The House of Derriere.  Take the stairs if you’re just going up a couple of flights.  It makes for a nice perky butt.
  3. WALK. When I park my car at work, I’m okay with a spot just a bit further away.  Sometimes when I’m in the city, if my next destination is not too far, I’ll walk to my health.
  4. Make healthier eating choices.  When you work long hours at a hospital like I do, it’s easy to succumb to all the gifted cookies and snacks grateful patients leave behind.  The cafeteria was my weakness with their deep fried everythings – I know that’s not a word — to make that bad day go away.  My hospital has been making steps to getting their staff to eat healthier by prohibiting regular soda, and introducing low sugar or no sugar choices.  Laziness plays a lot into why I don’t head to the cafeteria anymore.  It’s a lot farther than the Au Bon Pain downstairs and it’s forced me to eat healthier by mere healthier options.
  5. That’s not to say I don’t indulge in a sweet or two.  Quitting cold turkey never does anyone good.  I’ll allow myself a cookie, or a spoonful of my kid’s Italian ice.  I find with restraint, over time I’m not craving it as much as I use to.
  6. Next step for me is to quit soda.  I hadn’t had any for many many years.  My only choice of fizz would be club soda at most.  During my pregnancy with “A”, it was one of my many cravings.  My favorite being the worst offenders, a Pepsi or a Coke.  For the past couple of days, I’ve thrown a packet of True Lemon Original Lemonade for my lunch time drink.  Throughout the day otherwise, I’ve been trying to increase my clear water consumption.

What steps are you taking or What recommendations would you make?

As an ode to my post last week, here is another daring fashion choice I made.  Wearing an Asian cliche, jade green dress from one of my favorite brands, H&M.  This fabulous dress was a steal! (As is everything in that store!) I saw it on a mannequin.  Often I would look and admire but never think I could pull off the look.  I took a chance, and while it was a lot shorter than I expected, it looked amazing on.  I dug deep into my closet and pulled out one of my vintage Guiseppe Zanotti peep toe shoes from the good old days and I was feeling FINE!

Head on over to my partner at Trumpeting Media, Nancy Horn’s site for more Finding Yourself Fridays and have a beautiful day!