Fiber Optic vs Cable? The Choice is Obvious!

Accessing the internet, I’ve done it all – dial-up, DSL and now FiOS. The same goes for TV and phone – cable, satellite and now FiOS. Packaged separately or as a whole, hands down I’d say FiOS can’t be beat.

Let’s start with internet access. Every time I leave my home and have to access the internet via another route, not FiOS, I’m always less than thrilled. Whether it’s at work or at a friend’s home or even traveling where FiOS isn’t available, I get very frustrated. When I was in London, I wanted to bang my head on the wall with how slow the connection and speed was. I am definitely spoiled.

What’s the technology behind this? Cable is fast for sure, but FiOS is lightening fast. FiOS stands for fiber optic service. FiOS is a 100% fiber-optic connection directly to your home. Fiber-optic internet allows for consistent speed and greater traveled distance over traditional cable. Signals over cable degrade as they travel. Select areas can get FiOS with incredible speeds up to 750 Mbps dubbed “Instant Internet“, with equally instant uploads and downloads. That means you can share photos, stream HD entertainment, play online games and more, faster than ever before.

Cable use to be synonymous with TV like Kleenex was to facial tissue. But once FiOS came to the field, there was a distinct difference that all could see. Cable is cable wires and those screw-in coaxial cables usually made of copper that can easily be affected by weather, temperature fluctuations, moisture, electrical interference and other environmental conditions. FiOS is 100% fiber-optic that is transmitted with pulses of light through strands of glass bringing you crystal-clear picture and sound quality. Bringing back a little elementary science, you may recall, light can travel faster across greater distances making FiOS more reliable and faster than cable. Another bonus of FiOS is greater bandwidth with fiber-optic vs cable. This allows you to get more channels, more HD programming and more amazing FiOS exclusive On Demand titles.

It’s crystal clear, the winner for both internet and TV is FiOS. Bundling them together and even more bang for the buck, the Triple-Play, is a no-brainer. With their introduction of pre-paid no commitment plans, there’s a plan for everyone.

If you happen to be a loyal Verizon customer and have mobile phone service with them like I do, you’re going to love this! Fios Internet and TV subscribers can now use the Fios Mobile App to watch thousands of live and recorded shows without using their data. Stream live TV, DVR and on-demand shows data-free with the Fios Mobile App

{ disclosure: I am a member of the #FiOSNY team where I receive complimentary services for my honest review.  I have been an existing, paying and loyal FiOS customer for over a decade making this the PERFECT partnership! }