Excerpt from my New Baby Wish List

As often as I frequent Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Giggle and the baby sections in any stores, I some how managed not to notice all the new baby things that have come out since Ava was born. With the new baby on the way, I have been secretly taking no-purpose trips to these stores simply to check out what’s new and what’s cool… adding them to my New Baby Wish List…with even some oldies but goodies… like Sophie the Giraffe… too cute!

I was so excited when I saw the Safe Sippy 2 on The Soft Landing Blog. I once wished this existed and even contemplated a GREENBABY-NYC expansion into product development at the height of BPA concerns… and here it is: a sippy cup that converts to straw! I always wanted a Safe Sippy but the price tag was a little hard to swallow. I know, that makes no sense when her baby bottles could rival in pricing, but there goes my logic for you. Not to mention, I’ve got a draw full of sippys and cups of that nature. But I simply love the genius of this product. When we first were contemplating the move from bottle, a friend of ours, who does as much research as I do, mentioned that using straws help to aid in speech development. I found that an interesting fact and tried often to get Ava to use a straw sippy when possible. Sometimes though, a sippy was simply more convenient and didn’t make as much of a mess. Thankfully, to my understanding, the Safe Sippy 2 is spill-resistant and also dishwasher safe.

Now this thing, the Why Cry Baby Crying Analyser is interesting. I first heard the idea that babies have different cries for different reasons and a well trained ear could distinguish those cries when my friend’s son auditioned for Dustan Baby Language. I often wondered if there was some truth to it. Obviously the people at Why Cry certainly agreed when they developed their Baby Crying Analyser. It looks like an ordinary alarm clock, but overtime it analyzes your baby’s crying patterns, measuring not only the pitches but also the time and current environmental influences that might contribute to baby’s distress. Only downside, which can be overcome with time, is memorizing the different faces and their meanings. Until then, you’ll have to use their provided chart.

The KIDISHES Kid-Friendly Tempered Glass is destined to be a staple in my household. If there is anything I’ve learned in my “2” years of parenting (yep, I’m that wise), is the dangers of plastic when heated. No longer will you find anyone in my household microwaving food in plastic for my daughter. I admit, its a work in progress for the adults, but we’re pretty strict when it comes to Ava. Everything gets heated up in porcelain for her and (unfortunately still) transferred after its an acceptable temperature, into a BPA-free plastic, toss-able (i mean baby will toss it – across the room sometimes) bowl. These dishes may be the answer to my prayers. Made from tempered glass ala Pyrex, used for generations in schools across France, these dishes are virtually indestructible – music to my ears! At a very affordable $10-14 for 4 (plates, cups or dishes), find them at Zoe B Online. Going right now to stock up…

So maybe this is a little more for me than for baby, but I can definitely see Ava being intrigued by this. This solves my dilemma of carrying water without the bulk as it conveniently collapses as I consume. Very similar to the Camelbak paks DH and I use to carry on our longtime ago snowboarding trips. The idea has transferred for a more everyday use. BPA Free, antimicrobial and easy to clean may make this, Platypus plusBottle, my new favorite water carrying vessel.