REVIEW: Ergo Xtra Baby Carrier

IMG_20130910_162440_937The word on the street has the Ergo Carrier as being the “IT” carrier.  Always being more of a lover of clean lines and the modern, I identified the Ergo Carrier with the hippies.  I never had the urgency to try it as my first two weren’t much of carrier children.  The Little Miss did a stint in a sling, but generally they liked the stroller.  McChubbs often had to sit things out in his Mamaroo or Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker while I tended to the two other more active children.  He often cried to be held or just to have a little interaction.  The guilt was overwhelming and I felt stretched to the gild.  With only enough hands to hold two, I needed a solution to the dilemma of three and having recently been introduced to the amazing and intuitively designed Ergo Swaddler, I decided to check out the Ergo Xtra Baby Carrier.

I TOTALLY get why it’s a favorite. While I tried my best to hold him as much as possible, he was a big baby, hence his nickname McChubbs.  At 4 months, a hefty 17 pounds and a day job that was very physically tolling on my back, it was hard to carry him around as much as we both wanted.  The Ergo carrier really relieved the weight and evenly distributed it across my body.   There is a lot of discussion about carriers causing hip stress for babies, but the Ergo Carrier is ergonomically designed, aligning with the recommended carry position from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.  It wasn’t hard at all to figure out how to put it on and immediately I noticed just how incredibly comfortable it was — not just for me, but for baby too.  I loved how it just hugged and supported McChubbs in such a natural way.  He seemed so comfortable and so happy to be held, it made this mama super happy. Right now I can carry him in the Ergo around the house, freeing my hands to do other things like wrangle the other two children.  I can’t stress how naturally comfortable it feels for both baby and I.

IMG_20130910_162500_756THINGS WE LOVE

  • Naturally comfortable while still being very supportive
  • Ability to accommodate both an average adult and one whose diagonal measurement, shoulder to hip, is larger than average.  i.e.  the size difference between my husband and myself or like my girlfriend’s and their much wider counterparts.
  • Washable
  • The Xtra in Xtra Carrier means there is extra length and padding in both the shoulder and waist strap making it a perfect fit for families of all sizes — perhaps a dad with a taller and broader body frame?
  • The first carrier that can be used from day 1 (with the newborn insert)


  • This is not an outward facing carrier but I am looking forward to the hip carrying position as it still keeps baby nice and close but able to look around still.
  • The black picks up all sorts of fuzz and dust, I’d try another color or style.