Eco-Dough for Eco Kids

I don’t know about your child, but mine loves arts and crafts. Perhaps she takes after her mother’s natural inclination towards the arts. Everytime we pass by the crayola section in Target, her chubby little hands reach out and grab a set of markers or crayons, or paint brushes. To put this in perspective, she’s 19 months. Of course I’d like to find a more natural, and I’m sure they exist, safer crayon and markers but right now WASHABLE trumps it. So I was thrilled to find a play dough that is all-natural and made without chemicals or artificial dyes – if I ever had the inclination to let her get more messier than she already does. Founded by a mom of three with a passion for making safer products, Eco-Kids non-toxic, non-staining eco-dough. The beautiful vibrant colors from plant and vegetable extracts. For those with kids (and parents too!) with allergies, Eco-Kids comes in a gluten/soy/dairy-free variety, which we LOVE, especially since conventional play dough often contains wheat. The containers are may look like plastic but is made from cornstarch and is 100% compostable – genius! Just throw in a bamboo rolling pin (only $3.00 more!) and let the mess begin!