My e-Life, organized. #VZWBuzz

There’s something about the birth of #3 that sent my whole world into disarray.  Not that I was the most organized person, that got lost somewhere after the birth of my eldest, but it’s gone downhill ever since.  It seems like I am always on the search for the perfect solution to keeping organized.  I’ve tried every method from a personal organizer, to calendars, electronic personal assistants, etc.,  I’d even stick with some of them for quite a while but eventually some flaw would make itself apparent, having me abandon whatever routine I had established, once again sending my whole world into disarray again.  I can only pat myself on the back for my continued pursuit of the perfect solution.  It is my relentless search for the perfect way to organize my life that led me to this post.

If you know me at all, you know that my Droid Mini is never further than 15 feet from me at any time.  Right now, I am sitting in bed and it is lying right next to me, charging.  Sometimes I feel like my life is dictated by my phone.  I’d be completely lost without it.   It is the one thing I will never leave home without and if I ever did, I’d make a quick 180 no matter the inconvenience or trouble, after all I’d be in worse shape without it I reasoned.  It would logically make it the only thing that could actually organize me… if I had the right mobile tools.

hero_evernoteEVERNOTE.  I am addicted.  I am not sure how I lived my life without it.  I actually was a registered user years ago but didn’t understand it.  When it came up on a list of Top 10 mobile apps of CEOs, I had to check it out.  Of course no one shows the full capabilities better than a YouTube video.  Yep, I went to that treasure trove of videos, and watched a couple of intros into the amazing world of Evernote.  This wasn’t a calendar, or a TO DO list, but rather a lovely filing cabinet for your entire life.  I actually think I am addicted to making notes.  I love using the browser web clipper and saving all sorts of fascinating articles I want to get around to reading.  I’ve got a notebook for the kids including my son’s entire medical records loaded, tagged and stored.  The fact that it reads images and PDF’s is AMAZING.  I can search anything and everything so easily.  The newest feature I am loving is it’s ability to photograph a business card and read, store all the information as a contact.  This means I can write notes for a meeting and attach business cards with ease, knowing that information will never be lost.  I love being able to email myself notes and then placing a reminder.  I’ve taken to sending all emails that need a response to Evernote.  I’ll take time during a work break or ride on the bus to cull through them.  Sometimes I’ll respond then, tag or place a reminder for a later date.  It seems every day I am finding new and different ways Evernote can make my life easier.  After just a few days on Evernote I was hooked and upgraded to PREMIUM.  Yes, worth every penny.  You know I love my gadgets and accessories, so of course I have my Evernote post it box and the Evernote stylus.  Did I mention the Evernote widget?  It makes adding a note easily accessible anytime!

lpspillLASTPASS.  I have one TOO many accounts and with them, TOO many passwords to remember.  Placing them into one depository can be a little nerve-wracking.  With all these security breeches of late, I feel like I am changing passwords left and right and remembering them all is starting to pose a challenge.  I love LASTPASS and it’s integration with my web browser.  Every time I login or change a password, LASTPASS prompts me, asking if I’d like to save this information or update.  It’s made my life so much easier, especially with accounts that I rarely access or only access on a yearly basis.  I am also a LASTPASS premium member.  For extra security, you can add a nifty Yubikey, without it, no one, including you, can access your LASTPASS account.  The Yubikey NEO is awesome and also can be integrated with your WordPress account, making the fears of your blog being hijacked a non-issue.  The integration with NCF technology, you know that nifty thing that let’s you use ISIS mobile, allows you secure access to your Yubikey enabled accounts.

EASILYDO.  Your own personal assistant.  This app does so many awesome things.  Sometimes I need nudging.  Sometimes I need a little more than nudging.  So between reminders from Evernote and my calendar, EASILYDO makes my life more productive.  If I’ve got a spare moment, it prompts me to do things like say Happy Birthday to a dear friend before the day is out, remind me of a pending task, organizes, adds contacts and deletes duplicates.  It keeps track of shipping notices, travel itineraries and overall just simplifies my life.  I love the weekly emails telling me just how much it’s made my life easier.

GMAIL. Duh.  Yes, it’s awesome.  It’s equivocal to my love of Evernote.  GMAIL in its basic form is awesome, I have integrated all my email accounts within it.  I can even reply as my other accounts which is pretty neat and still allows me to use all the wonderful filtering and organization tools that GMAIL has to offer.  I love Google Calendar and how I can have separate calendars for every aspect of my life.  I can share my calendars with my husband (family calendar, kids calendar), my writers (blog calendar). Oh and it works seamlessly with my Droid Mini, my HP Envy Rove 20, my laptop, my iMac and my iPad (yep, it speaks nicely with it too!).  Did I mention you can integrate it with Evernote?  Oh yes it does!

UNROLL.ME.  There’s no better way to start getting organized than starting from scratch and cleaning out your inbox.  While wiping it clean completely is one thing, but that doesn’t stop them from coming in. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails & combine the rest into a single daily digest with  Already I feel immense relief from the crushing bombarding emails of sales and solicitations.  Me thinks some companies need to take a look at their 2013 Winners (or losers to some) list and take note.

All of these things play nicely together thanks to the CLOUD.  What are some of your favorite tools in your arsenal to keep your life organized?  

Next up, I’ll be checking out Trello, Hojoki and Google Keep.

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