Domesticated Bliss

I have been on Winter Break since 3pm on December 16th and its been… pure bliss!  I can see my husband raising his eyebrows at me if he heard this statement.  But that’s only because he doesn’t share the same sentiment as me about being home 24/7 with the kids.  You see, aside from the birthday party extravaganza, everything is just what it is… and I love it!  I, finally after 6 months, got a chance to give my house a real good scrubbing.  I got to remind myself that I was a good homemaker.  It took me a little bit to get comfortable into my kids routine again but after a few days, it was like I was home again.  Wrangling two kids with two very different schedules was a piece of cake!

Take for instance, this moment, made possible by two kids taking their naps!  Whoo hoo!  Go Me!  I spent the morning feeding them, playing with them, cleaning the kitchen, loading the dishwasher and vacuuming all the cupboards in the house.  Fed them once again, nursed the baby twice and off to la-la-land they went!  Yippee!  And while I sit in, still what seems to be, a chaotic mess in my home, I feel at peace.  I know this moment will be over all too soon… Monday 6:45am to be exact, as I head out the door to start my final BSN semester at Columbia University.  Keeping my eye on the prize, I know come June, there will be many more days like these to come.  But until then, I will relish days like these… 2  more days of them all to myself and then a family weekend to ease me back to my reality.  I’ve enjoyed the good and the bad moments.  You know, when you actually have to be a parent to a child who has decided that wearing her short sleeve polo dress in the middle of a blizzard seems like an awesome idea even if her mommy doesn’t think so.  Or when my son now thinks there should be a fight to eat at every meal cause that’s his new norm.  My favorite is the part after a tough morning of wrangling, pushing the chores aside and napping alongside my babies.  Ahhhh bliss!  In fact, I think I’ll do that!  Nappy Nappy Time!