Do Good New York!

{ disclosure: I am working in partnership with 77  Kids and to Do Good on July 14th, 2010 and have received a stipend }

One of the little things I try to make a conscience effort to do is one good deed a day.  If  I’m feeling ambitious,  maybe even more than one.  Not so much for a pay it forward movement, but for my mental health, an attempt on my part to be a better person.  Has anyone else done the same?  Don’t you just feel good knowing you’ve done something good.  It really doesn’t have to be anything big.  It might be something as simple as giving up your seat on the subway for a pregnant woman or elderly — yes, you should be doing that anyway, but pat yourself on the back when you do, because so often I see people avert their eyes.  Or even giving your lunch to a homeless man because you won’t starve without it, you might be a little hungry, but you’ll get another meal.  I even count when you have a nasty encounter with a stranger and you don’t react.  Doing good can be something grandiose as raising money for a good cause and something as small as spending an afternoon with an elderly neighbor in conversation.  I especially love doing things that no one else knows about as if it was my little secret with God.  I don’t need a thanks or any appreciation to feel good about doing good.

My toddler’s about that age where she can understand good from bad, and teaching her the beauty of doing good would be amazing.  You can never teach something like that at too young an age.  I am thrilled to be partnering with 77 Kids by American Eagle and and doing just that.  Myself, along with Seventy-six fantastic mom bloggers in 11 cities across the country are participating in 77kids Do Good Day on July 14th by doing good in our local communities in pay-it-forward kinds of ways. What that translates to is 77 moms, 7 in each of the 11 cities, along with their families, doing and inspiring good!  I can’t think of a better way to teach our kids about charity of all kinds.

I am so inspired by what all the other moms in all the other cities are doing.  We’ve got Chicago working with the Ronald McDonald House, mom’s in Boston bringing smiles to the children at the Children’s Hospital Boston… really amazing things are going to be happening simultaneously across the nation and I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing movement.  As Team NYC plans are underway, I am loving all the ideas, both big and small.

Want to join the conversation, come visit us here:  Can you be inspired to join us too?  What will you be doing on Do Good Day? Need ideas?  Check out

Meet the fabulous Moms of Team New York:
Kimberly Coleman
Emily McKhann
Jen Rabulan-Bertram
Ellen Schmidt
Sherri Shubert
Jessica Shyba