Pixie Dust Sprinkles #DisneyPaintMom

disney2{ disclaimer: Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden. }

The day was finally here for the big Disney Paint reveal and no one was more excited than Little Miss A.  She couldn’t wait to show her friends her brand new room.  Since we just had a new addition to the family, we kept the party low key and invited 4 of her friends over for the big reveal.  Being ever the social butterfly, she wanted full control over the party and it became an eclectic mix of Disney.

We picked up some party supplies at our favorite dollar bins at Target.  Tons of Disney inspired products were to be found like these adorable Zak! plates which are BPA free and only a $1 a piece and activity packages.  Little Miss A chose something for everyone personally.

As her guests arrived, everyone went down to the playroom where they watched Toy Story 2 in Chinese with mixed confusion.  All of us parents were quite impressed with our American born children’s total nonchalance over the Chinese speaking version.  No one made any indication that it wasn’t in English, aside from the Little Mister shouting “Buzzy Gong Lean!” which is Buzz Light Year in Chinese.  Obviously Disney stories transcend all languages.

When the time came, Little Miss A marched everyone upstairs, said her little speech and “Ta DA!” Everyone ooohed, especially the parents and the girls.  Some of the comments noted:

Wow, is that glitter on the wall A? – Uncle L

What a beautiful room A! – Nancy, a mom

It’s pixie dust, not sprinkles.  – Little Miss A

Tinkerbell did it. – Isabelle, 3 years old

How did you get glitter on the wall? – Jake, 5 years old

I did it. I helped Daddy paint. – Little Mister

partyLittle Miss A was so proud to show off her new room, proclaiming she chose the color herself and even helped paint because Mommy wasn’t allowed to leave her bed.  How she let the Little Mister paint just a little bit because “he was too little and would make a mess.”  She showed her friends her new little reading nook and where her new desk will go once it arrives (5 weeks and still waiting for delivery).  The kids all sat down and chose a book from her library and “read”.

We  ended the party will ice cream sundaes for this kids, fruit pop for the little mister.  The parents discussed painting the new room, covering everything from how hard was it to paint? – not at all, after all we let the kids help — to “it must have smelled up the house for days” – not at all since it was VOC free.  Did we use Disney base coat too?  — Yes we did, but you can use All That Glitters specialty finish over any painted surface, not just walls!  All is all, the new room was a hit and everyone just thought the All That Glitters finish was just so cool and different from a traditionally painted room.  When its time to paint the boys rooms I think we’ll try the Metallic paint finish from Disney too!