Dear Formaldehyde Council, J&J and others…

I understand that you only use the toxins in “trace” amounts. But do you realize that your product is not the only we use? If we use even one more product that also has that “trace” amount, we’ve doubled our child’s exposure? Look at that beautiful face… I was probably using 3 or 4 products at once, giving my sweet sweet Ava 3 to 4 times the exposure. As an adult I’m trying understand my own exposure since I was a child. I don’t want to find out years from now that those little trace amounts is what was responsible for my fertility issues or even – God Forbid – cancer, EVEN WORSE – that caused it in her. Haven’t we learned that governmental standards just aren’t the GOLD standards we should be living by? I know it creates great lather or helps keep it anti-bacterial, but there are safer more natural alternatives. You up there in the nice big office, don’t you think our babies have a lifetime of exposure to other carcinogens as they grow up and that you might be able to set the new “GOLD” standard in safety… Be a TRUE leader in your industry. You can call me hysterical, but history has shown me that “safe” hasn’t always been safe. We thought lead in paints were safe, as we did also for PCB’s and DDT… If you really care about our babies, how about NO amount is better than trace amounts!

For now I will be taking my business to those like California Baby, which by the way produces a really nice lather without the toxins.

Thanks for …um…Nothing!