Q&A with Chris Pegula of Diaper Dude: It Takes Three to Make a Thing Go Right

{disclosure : written by guest writer | i am a bravado ambassador }

According to a study by the Bravado Breastfeeding Information Council the greatest sources of support and encouragement mentioned by enthusiastic breastfeeding mothers, were their baby’s dads. Partners were also cited as the most influential person in the initial decision to breastfeed. Dads are there, now more than ever, and this means the world to breastfeeding moms and babies. The important supportive role fathers play, both emotional and physical, in breastfeeding is not to be underestimated, it is to be celebrated!

We spoke with Chris Pegula, inventor of Diaper Dude diaper bags and member of the BBIC advisory board for more insight on how dads play a part in the breastfeeding decision and process.

Q: What role do you think a dad should play in the decision to breastfeed their child?

A: When it comes to breast-feeding, most guys tend to assume that this is strictly a role for the women. The decision however should be mutual – a shared feeling about the upbringing of your child. As with most parenting issues there are no absolutes, nor right and wrong.

Q: What are some things any dad can do, to support his breastfeeding partner?

A: Partner support is crucial to a woman’s confidence, well-being and contentment throughout their breastfeeding experience. As a dad I believe it is important to sit with mom and baby during feedings, make eye contact with baby, stroke baby’s skin, talk to baby, etc. Even though you’re not part of the primary physical experience it is so important to lend your support and be there. Make it a team effort by taking over diaper duty, especially during the night feedings. Keep the dialogue open and be aware of what other needs your partner may have to make the process easier.  Also remind your partner to eat and drink when they forget or get too tired. The reminder is good for both mom and baby.

Q: What steps can new or expectant dads take to educate and prepare
themselves to be an active partner in the breastfeeding process?

A: I find reading first hand accounts online by dads/parents to be the most entertaining, beneficial and instructive way to get ideas. While there are lots of books and resources for guys to get an education, the internet is fast becoming the most common resource for guys to turn to to find out answers to questions they may have. Most moms and dads feel they can find trustworthy information about products and services through online communities and blogs focused on their specific interests such as breast-feeding, parenting and other topics. Attending breast feeding classes and just talking with other dads is always a good call too.

Quick Tips:

  • Dads can participate in feedings by doing diaper changes, sitting with mom and baby.
  • Preparing healthy food for mom (and thus baby too) is a great way to show you care and stay involved.
  • Blogs and online communities that focus on parenting topics and breastfeeding are a good source of information for dads.
  • Being there and being willing to help as needed, is the best way to show support.

Chris Pegula, the founder of Diaper Dude, helps make a Dad’s life easier with serious style. Pegula is a leader in the realm of parenting tips. From traveling with kids and taking the baby by yourself for the first time to planning a successful play date – he gets it!

This information is courtesy of Bravado Designs, the brand synonymous with nursing women and their success for eighteen years. For more information about the role dads play in successful breastfeeding families, as well as the findings of additional BBIC studies, please visit the Bravado Breastfeeding Information Council.