OH BABY! Shopping for the Cool in Baby Gear!

Who doesn’t love shopping?!  It’s been a while though since I’ve stepped foot into a baby store now that most of the kids needs are met at Target.  It always amazes me how much things have changed from one child to another.  Now in preparation for Baby #3, I took a slow waddle of every nook and cranny at our neighborhood baby stores and here are just a few of my latest finds.

infantino-stretchInfantino Stretch – When I saw this all I could think of was where was this my whole life?  You’ve heard me preach from the pulpit about the umbrella stroller being the only stroller you’ll need ever, and yet we all (including myself) get other strollers, often systems too but the Infantino Stretch is the perfect companion for an umbrella stroller.  Tension fitted with lots of pockets for phones, keys and drinks, it’s just neat-o!

preziMaxi Cosi Prezi [ Full Review Coming Soon ] –  Both of my kids started out in Maxi Cosi Mico infant car seats.  Beautifully designed and very comfy I thought for my new babes.  While checking out the new infant car seats I spied the Prezi.  Definitely a looker, it’s dubbed the new standard in infant car seats featuring Air Protect and the new G-Cell technology.  It also is compatible with my new stroller.


4Moms Breeze [ Full Review Coming Soon ] – Playards are one of those things every needs but I always wondered why they had to be so hideous looking, not to mention a pain in the butt to set up.  Then I stumbled upon 4Moms new playard, Breeze.  From the makers of the equally awesome Mamaroo [ Full Review Coming Soon ], comes a super easy to assemble playard that is also easy on the eyes.  It was love at first sight.

benbatBenbat Travel Friends Head Support – My husband gets so upset when the kids fall asleep in the car and their necks are flying every which way (his words).  We never did find a neck support that worked well and well, it just simply was what it was, nothing we could do about it.  When I spotted this, my first thought was that this could actually work.  I was equally surprised that they had a product for both infants and toddlers too because it’s not just an issue that plagues infants .

yummigoNow I didn’t get to see  and touch this next product but from the makers of the Travel Friends Head Support and Go Vinci backpacks, I stumbled upon the YummiGo Portable Booster seat.  All I could think was, simply brilliant!  It is a combination booster seat with storage room!  I use to pack small tin lunchboxes filled with toys and activities to keep toddlers busy at restaurants and this just makes it all the more easier!

Simplisse Gia Nursing Pillow [ Full Review Coming Soon ] – Now I had discovered this a while ago, but post baby and wished I had this with the little mister.  I was gifted the Boppy with my first but it wasn’t the holy grail that everyone made it out to be.  It quickly lost shape and function and was nothing more than a non-intentional positioning pillow for baby.  The little mister had issues with reflux and I loved this idea of an angled pillow that would support breastfeeding while ensuring minimal regurge from my little man.  I do hope #3 doesn’t have the same issues, but if so, I’d be glad I had this in my arsenal!

livecleanbaby-non-petroleumLive Clean Baby Non-Petroleum Jelly –  This is my latest obsession!  I don’t know how I missed the memo on this one, but petroleum jelly, which we can’t live without in this family is a known hormone disruptor!  When I spotted this on a Cool Mom Picks review, I ordered some right away.  The little Mister has bad eczema and we slather him in petroleum jelly several times a day.  I was so thrilled to find this, I ordered 6 tubs of this (to get the $25+ threshold for free shipping at Walgreens.com and of course a lovely 3% Ebates rebate.) and love it!


Stokke Crusi Connection Stroller [ Full Review Coming Soon ] –  Saving the best for last, but I have been obsessing over this stroller since they first announced it’s impending arrival.  Choosing a stroller is almost like buying a car.  It takes a lot of thought and consideration.  This is Stokke’s double stroller and I am just loving all the configuration options it can handle without compromising on style.  They’ve thought of everything.

emcBannerergoAlways a fan of products that do good, I was so happy to see Ergobaby Guest Designer Series benefiting one of our favorite causes Every Mother Counts.  If you remember a few months back we had a few chances to meet with Christy Turlington and discussed her work to further Maternal Health, right up our alley! In this collection there are 2 classic ever popular Ergo Carriers, a Not Just a Diaper Bag and the dual functioning Hip Bag which works as a waist pack as well.  A purchase of one or all of these beautifully crafted products from the Ergobaby Guest Designer Series helps prevent pregnancy-related complications and even death, through the work of Every Mother Counts. A portion of every purchase made on Ergobaby.com will support Every Mother Counts in this very important work.