Constructing a Very Special 1st Birthday Party

It’s really not the infant’s fault he’s born around the holidays.  The sad thing that I foresee is always planning around holiday parties with friends and work.  That’s okay MDC, your mommy’s going to make sure you’re going to have the MOST awesome birthday party ever!

I had been planning his birthday in my head since the day he was born, but it was so rough in its design, it could barely be a plan.  Only a few months ago while designing his nursery, and coming fresh off of the Time to Play showcase, wanting every boy toy out there and drooling over all the construction type toys from Handy Manny to Matchbox Stinky, did we finally decide on a theme.  You guessed it!  Construction themed!  Oh the wheels were churning now!  I trolled Etsy for printable party materials and then it dawned on me… um… I’m a graphic designer by training!  I can totally do this myself!  Etsy gave me some really great ideas for his party.

Totally crazy I know!  Especially with my insane school schedule and time commitments.  I set out to do the best I could. I started out by searching the internet and was able to find some really great FREE vector images.  I found dump trucks, other construction vehicles, signs, stripes, etc., I even shelved a few other “boyish” finds for another birthday.  Combining a few designs and ideas, I put together his invitation design piece by piece.  A little of this… and a little of that and a concept was born.  From the invitation, I drew inspiration for everything else.  On the drawing board was:

  • invitations with wrap around return labels – thanks to minted for the idea
  • thank you cards – no time like the present to get those ready
  • water bottle wrappers – always thought those were a cute idea although my Mother in Law just griped that without the labels, we lost the 5 cent deposit — oops!
  • labels for the “tools” aka utensils and gift bags
  • personalized stickers for the construction hats

My love for Mega Bloks is well known and I was thrilled to find this Mega Bloks Cat Large Vehicle Dump Truck on-sale at Amazon, which will make either a perfect centerpiece along with his other construction vehicles filled with water bottles or even the goodie bags…

And while I’m not done yet… still got to plan the goodie bags, find the perfect allergen-free birthday cake, plan the menu… yea, there’s still a lot more to come, so stay tuned!