• Baby M wouldn’t let me put him down and I really had to pee… so I took him with me
  • I forgot all about cloth diapering… will try on Wednesday for sure… I’m busy on Tuesday
  • The electric Dora toothbrush I bought for A says for ages 3+ — oh well, whatever gets her to brush her teeth!  At least I’m embracing Dora
  • I despise medication but caved to antibiotics to head off a case of Mastitis — at least its a breastfeeding friendly version
  • I bought the Medela Harmony despite having a car adapter for my Pump In Style because of sheer laziness.  Didn’t want to keep packing and unpacking it for short trips.  Am I crazy to think it is less work to hand pump than to pack and unpack my heavy in style?  I make my self feel better by thinking at least I didn’t buy the freestyle, I saved $400 that way.
  • I am addicted to California Pizza Kitchens Mac and Cheese… but it is a Kids Menu only item… so I order it to go.  One for me and one for A.