Checking Out Britax’s New Line of Car Accessories

We’re just so excited about the new line of Britax car accessories that we just checked out today.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve gotten excited enough to write a post the very day I attend an event.  What’s there to be excited about?  Well when someone just does things so right, I just get excited.  I know car accessories are BLEH.  I admit to ignoring the press release I got awhile ago because, it was a bleh, what could be so new about car accessories moment.  I’m chastising myself now for not paying attention.  There is something to be said about checking things out in person though which is what made the difference in this case.

My most favorite product has to be the EZ Cling Window Shade.  We have tried EVERY one on the market.  We have tried the suction ones, tried the professional suction ones and those awful cling ones with the million bubbles.  Hate the bubbles, but hated the falling suction ones more.  With them, every now and then, they would fall and boink one of my kids on the head.  Fun times! I love this EZ Cling Window Shade, and while the Cling part of the name had me skeptical, I was wow-ed.  This cling left no visible bubbles and set beautifully on the window.  Easily adjustable and removable, not to mention compresses to a small package for easy storage, I am in love.  Did I mention it comes in a 2-pack for only $9.99 (SRP)? Added bonus, SPF 30+ protection. Yes, I got giddy over a sunshade.

Another product to get excited about is the Britax Kick Mats, also in a 2-pack.  This neat little item is the best Kick Mat I’ve seen yet.  I had purchased two other brand ones and they did not fit snuggly on the back of the chairs.  In fact they hung like a loose t-shirt and failed miserably at keeping my taupe backs clean as they shifted and moved so easily.  I wasn’t too excited when they showed it to me, only when they mentioned it was a 2-pack as all others are sold as a singleton.  I only got amped up when I went straight home to my car to install all these neat new car accessories that Britax had gifted me.  It was then that I noticed that the fit was snug and perfect due to the smartly utilized elastic band!  The coverage was awesome!  I’m diggin these Kick Mats which retail for $15.99.

The most innovative product of the line has to be the Vehicle Seat Protector.  I have also purchased several of these so-called seat protectors.  I have neither loved them or hated them.  I was rather ambivalent about them.  They did what they were suppose to do… or so I thought!  I had never once thought that having one would degrade the safety of my car-seat.  In hindsight now , I realize that it was a very real issue I wasn’t aware of.  This non-slip, gripping Vehicle Seat Protector doesn’t just fit Britax car-seats, they fit ALL and Latch System compatible to boot.  It will be on my must-have list for any new parent at $29.99 SRP.  It’s great because it will keep your seat clean and protected with its raised lips and easy to wipe surface.  It will also make sure that your car-seat is as snug, stay-put, as you first (professionally) installed it.  Not to mention it rids you of that awful car-seat impression.

Britax does it again! Always coming up with intuitive and innovative new products that keep your most precious cargo safe.

{ disclosure : I attended a Britax Media Preview and received the above items as a gift.  I was not paid for this overwhelming endorsement of these products, I am just an avid fan of the brand who was floored by these products. }