CharMED! I’m sure!

This past week was a milestone week with the opening of the new Progressive Care Unit at my hospital. While everyone has been so excited and anxious for the opening, none more than the 10 other Nurse Practitioners that I am privileged and lucky to work with.

So much thoughtfulness and work have gone into the preparation for this unit that is progressive in so many ways. Finally, there is a home for patients that have complex medical needs but don’t require the support of an intensive care unit as well as a home for the 11 Nurse Practitioners that were hired to staff it.

Like any other first day, there are butterflies in your stomach as you get dressed in your best outfit, put on that white coat and sling your stethoscope around your neck. As I glanced in the mirror, a shimmer from my stethoscope caught my eye. Placed weeks ago in anticipation, 2 beautiful CharMED charms adorned my stethoscope and plastered a smile on my face. This was it! Day 1 on our Nurse Practitioner driven unit, and we were ready for patients!

One of my colleagues also sported her CharMED charm on her stethoscope, and we both chuckled that hopefully, we wouldn’t get them mixed up but loved that little bit of “bling” that personalized our stethoscope, a symbol of all that hard work that brought us to this day. Everyone from our colleagues to our patients were charmed by ourCharMED charms. Comments like “how cute!”, “Wonder if they have “MD” (or RN or NA)?”, “What other designs do they have?” were frequent and continued. Little ones were easily distracted by its details and of course, shine, making physical exams easier.

Looking for a special gift for that special nurse, doctor, respiratory therapist or another provider in your life? Consider some stethoscope bling and considerCharMED! For those that were wondering… there are so many ways to personalize your stethoscope withCharMED bling. They’ve got initials, a wide variety of colorful designs,  titles, milestones, celebrations, and even holiday ones! You can have one, or more and stack them up for a more personalized and “blingy” design! It just so happens that this week we celebrate Nurse Practitioners and I’m going to be gifting one of my favorite NPs one because she deserves it and I just might have to stash a few for our Secret Santa exchange!

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