Capturing BIG Moments with the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 #BigMoment

Canon's The Big Moment With Georgina Chapman

I have been a long time loyal Canon user, with my very first DSLR being a Canon Rebel, the first generation.  So I know first hand how great Canon cameras are at any stage of photography.  My Rebel was one of the best investments I ever made in my life, and while a costly investment at the time, it was an investment.  It hardly ever left my side.  It was used so often by the time I was ready for an upgrade, I had rubbed off all the letters on the camera, and it showed signs of being well loved and well used.  The photos and memories I captured with my Canon Rebel will last a lifetime, all 40,000+ of them.  It was no easy task carrying it with me all the time.  It was not a light weight point and shoot, but I was dedicated to capturing all the moments in my first child’s life.  Over the years, 3 kids and an upgrade to a Canon 7D, it’s been harder and harder to stay my sidekick.  I’ve had many moments of photography regret.  As recent as last weekend when we took a mini road trip to celebrate my son’s 4th Birthday in Philadelphia, the moment we got on the road I was already in deep remorse.  I looked at my fully packed car with 4 kids, a baby, luggage, snacks,  and emergency supplies stacked in every nook and cranny.  There wasn’t any space to spare in the car and my camera backpack loaded with my 7D, 2 lenses, flash and flash kits was left behind.

2_Suzanne Chan_&_Ebony_033

While mobile phone photography has definitely come along way over the years, I would never consider these images wall mount worthy which is always my goal when capturing a moment — will it be worthy of a wall hanging?  With my obsession for capturing moments with my children, I’m often asked by friends and family looking for more quality photos — worthy of a wall hanging — which camera I’d recommend, I’d often recommend the Canon Rebel line to start with with a disclaimer there would be investment in learning and using the camera properly to get those moments.  Sadly I knew many would invest in cameras that would eventually sit in a closet collecting dust thanks to our busy lives and lack of hands.

3_Suzanne_025When Canon invited me to check out their new EOS Rebel SL1, promising it as the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR Camera, I was super giddy with glee.  This little gem of a camera is perfect for any family.  Weighing less than 1 pound (body only) and measuring only 4.60″ x 3.57″ x 2.74″, you have no excuse for not tossing it into your purse or diaper bag. The EOS Rebel SL1 also offers the tremendous EOS SLR quality we’ve come to expect in a Canon camera.  It’s also the perfect camera for families looking to upgrade their point and shoot to a DSLR.  This 18.5 mega-pixel camera also shoots full 1080p HD video (at 30 frames per second or 720p at 60fps) too!  Straight out of the box, it is incredibly easy to use with a touch screen monitor many are familiar with using.  I immediately noticed that it didn’t sacrifice options dues to it’s small size.  In fact, it’s all built into the 3″ touch screen.  It comes built in with (8) Basic modes covering everything from AUTO to scene selections like my favorite Kids and Night Portrait and fun familiar filters like Black/White (monochrome) Sepia.  A feature many will love is the Touch enabled focus and touch shutter.  Tying it all together, my favorite standout feature is the preview mode for all these modes.  As a person who always wants the right shot, it’s perfect for making sure you got it.

While this camera has got my vote as the perfect starter DSLR camera, this is not chump change for the photography enthusiast.  It comes fully packed with creative modes for the avid photographer in the smallest and most compact package.  This is definitely making my Christmas wish list so I’ll never have photography remorse again.

The Canon EOS Rebel SL1 18.0 MP CMOS Digital SLR with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens has an MSRP of $749.99, but can be found on for a bargain $499.99 this holiday season.

{ disclosure:  I attended an event hosted by Canon and Marchesa Studios to check out the all new Canon EOS Rebel SL1. No compensation was received for this post.  As always, all opinions expressed are my very own. Affiliate links are enabled for your shopping ease. }